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FUSION JAZZ (guitar + drums, 2006) & JAZZPOT (guitar solo, 2002)

No Overdub, No Sampler, No taping

JOHN PHIL WAYNE is an intelligent highly skillful Guitarist whose technical ability stuns as much as it impresses. He is a true original artist who has carved out his place in guitar story with a unique, personal style and is the one who discovered a new way to communicate with only six strings and to prove that an acoustic or electric guitar neck had limitless possibilities through its traditional fingering method without taping. View the video below from a UK TV Live Jazz Solo Show (January 2005) and also a YouTube Master CLass.

Former Sideman, Arranger, Conductor and Studio Session Musician for several US/UK Stars in the 60’s/70’s (before being a Star himself in 1981) he plays simultaneously the Lead, Accompaniment and Walking Bass without overdub and sounds like two guitar players and a bass player. Even when improvising his solos he keeps going on with the walking bass and accompaniment and never plays the same notes. Through the years after showing his unique way of playing jazz guitar solo(like shown on the video)Wayne has now gone into Jazz-Rock Guitar Solo or more exactly into Fusion Jazz. (New Video to come on Youtube). For his new album “FUSION JAZZ” (2006/7) He put away his Gibson and Guild for a while to attack with a Fender Stratocaster some Jazz-Rock compositions combined with Melodic Funk and Latin style with a touch of Rock. However the last track of this album “F# Bop” is a good Jazzy Shuffle Funk. His guitar is tuned as usual (EADGBE) except that this time he lowered the pitch of the 6th and 5th strings like a real Bass Guitar by means of an Octaver (having different bass sounds without detuning the normal given pitch of the guitar) and the remaining four strings sound clean distortion with a long sustain thus enhancing the solos from the chords using intricate harmonies as done in the past. To resume: The “E & A” strings sound an octave below normal pitch and the remaining four strings “dgbe” are at normal pitch.

Unlike his past solo albums Wayne plays here with Drummer Milford Chambers who said: “John is one of the most phenomenal musicians I have ever seen and with him I have learned how to sound like a drummer and percussionist simultaneously on the second track “Quiet Village”, that’s incredible”.

Yet John Phil Wayne remains unsurpassed as the most amazing Jazz Solo Guitarist of our time unlike anything else in the world and is nicknamed "Thousand Hands".

More infos about John Phil Wayne and all his past albums: http://www.johnphilwayne.com

Album JAZZPOT (solo) (2002) is also a straight ahead recording without overdub AND WHERE THE 6TH AND 5TH Strings were not one pitch below but John Phil Wayne gives a 45.minutes guitar exibition of his own into which he has packed every variation available to the solo performer. (Even a drum solo and latin percussion on the strings!!!).

Coming soon “Instant Music” (2002,solo) recorded live from a Jazz Festival, “Extra Sensory Perception” ( 2008 Fusion , Guitar + Drums) and “A kind of Swing” (2008 Jazz Solo).

Wayne Record London UK

John Phil Wayne: Guitar, Milford Chambers: Drums

All titles written or improvised by John Phil Wayne

Recorded and Mixed by John Phil Wayne (June 2006, Wayne Studios London)

Mastered by Adrian White at the Switchbax Studios (UK/Monaco)

Produced by Evelyne Dufrênes.

Management: Keith McLean. Email: keith_mclean2_09@hotmail.co.uk

Secretary: Hans Van Hooten

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Jazzpot Cover
  • Jazzpot
  • Jazz, Jazz
  • John Phil Wayne
  • 02/03/2008
  • Jazzpot
Liner Notes: Born in West Kensington the amazing unaccompanied Guitarist John Philip Wayne (his birth name) has been honoured by the American and British Institutes best Solo Musician with nominations as well to nearly a dozen biographical reference publications as an Outstanding Man of the 20th and 21st Century, having achieved World Status in the field of Jazz and Film Music. Recorded in one go and without overdub in 2002 this album gives John Phil Wayne the opportunity to prove again that he is really an original performer. The beauty of his touch and tone on 'Angel Tears' and 'I remember Bill' (tribute to Bill Evans) the lyrical sensitivity, the simplicity of conception coupled with the complexity of personal Harmonic Methods (which sounds like a piano) make that he is really the world's greatest Jazz Solo Guitarist ever. In this straight ahead recording he gives a 45.minutes (approx.) Guitar Exhibition of his own into which he has packed every variation available to the solo performer. (Even a drum solo and latin percussion on the strings!!!). To resume, one can hear a solo line together with a rhythm section and walking bass on top of a beat with his feet giving the impression to hear three or more musicians. Quite surprising since he is alone with his old Gibson Guitar without any synthesizer or whatsoever and he has never used the taping method but only the traditional one (strum on the guitar). Amazing! isn't it? and more amazing when he raises his left hand to do all these with only the thumb, index and palm (!!!) of his right hand (Woaw!).
  1. All Blues
  2. Fast Blues
  3. Night Lantern Blues
  4. Spring Thunder Storm
  5. Angel Tears
  6. Old Timer
  7. I Remember Bill
  8. Steam Train
  9. Free Thought
  10. Sweet & Lovely