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Originally Formed as a 3 piece in 2006 JoKeRz have continued to write and perform their unique style of story telling using catchy riffs wrapped in infectious melodies. JoKeRz are well known for their energetic live performance's, capturing their audience with powerfull walls of energy. The boys have a very loyal and constantly growing fan base, whom have followed JoKeRz all round the country. With several singles, EP's, and Albums recorded to date, the boys constantly improve and develop each time they churn something new out. We have not seen or heard the best of JoKeRz yet, Now JoKeRz are back April 2013 as a 4 peice line up for the 1st time, releasing their brand new EP "Elements Make Substance" in their words "our proudest work to date and a taste of what we have lined up in the near future" Please take the time to check this very popular and special band out. Thank you x x x x

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Make a Wish Cover
  • Make a Wish
  • Rock, Pop
  • Jokerz
  • 12/05/2010
  • Make a Wish
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  1. Make a Wish