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Welcome to Josh Bales on Tunecore

Welcome to Josh Bales on Tunecore

Josh Bales is a singer/songwriter originally from Chattanooga, TN. He has just finished a brand new, 10-song, country album to be released in Summer 2008. This new batch of songs is by far Josh’s most creative yet. With players from LeAnn Rimes’ band and other Nashville, TN. greats, the record has a vibe that will no doubt attract a larger and more eclectic audience. It is this broader outlook on art and audience that reveals Bales’ maturity in both songwriting and recording. Josh Bales will arrest you with music that is creative, honest, and quietly redemptive, He portrays the human experience for exactly what it is: glorious and heartbreaking. His lyrics steer clear of sugar-coating life’s tragedy or ignoring life’s good. He passes by the trivial and, instead, explores what it means to be human, to live, love, and lose, to sin, and experience redemption. Moreover, Josh surrounds these themes with a musicality that makes it possible for him to remain accessible but escape market driven categories. In a word, Josh’s lyrics and melodies are combined by his one-of-a-kind voice to create a sound landscape that is addictive. In 2002 Josh released his first album “About A Boy,” followed by his 2005 debut release “Josh Bales.” In 2004 one of the songs from this record, entitled “I Need You,” was recorded by The Swift and can still be heard on radio stations across the country. Josh’s latest project “Underneath the Armor” (October,2006) is his most elaborate to date and includes everything from introspective art songs (“Ten Thousand Places”) to pop driven love songs (“Dark Haired Darling”). Josh travels the country year-round bringing his art to colleges, churches, pubs, and even living rooms. The rest of the time finds Josh at his post as Artist in Residence at Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto, FL (www.sevenrivers.org) and studying theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. You can visit WWW.JOSHBALES.COM for booking information/rates and for more sights and sounds of Josh’s music.

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Underneath the Armor Cover
  • Underneath the Armor
  • Folk, Pop
  • Josh Bales
  • 02/05/2007
  • Underneath the Armor
Liner Notes: Credits: Recorded by Jim Cooper at Lake Dog Studios in Franklin, TN. in the spring of 2006. Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Dantzler at INDIE rock, Franklin, TN. Josh Bales: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar on tracks 1 and 10, Piano, Vocals, Background Vocals, Whistle Danny Reid: Electric Guitar on all tracks except 6 and 7, Bass Guitar Rachel Sherbak: Vocals on track 7, Background Vocals on track 4 Christian Marshall: Viola on tracks 5,7,9 Jim Cooper: Background Vocals All songs written by Josh Bales (C)2006 Bryan Days Music Armored Spaceman Drawing: Austin Lindsey Graphic Design by Patrick Jaworski Notes: Thanks to: Nathan Dantzler and Jim Cooper: For choosing to spend time on this record in the midst of so many other projects. It is an undeserved honor to have their support. Danny Reid: For friendship, guitar skills, and for still being alive. Rachel Sherbak: For friendship and for the use of her wonderful voice on this record. Christian Marshall: For the surprise viola that added so much to the record. Jamie Kawolski: For great photography. Austin Linsdey: For friendship and conversation during my year in Orlando; and for great art, especially the spaceman we chose to use on this project. The spaceman is a picture of humanity's complex, often ambiguous, relationship with God and the people around him. Ted Boyd: For immeasurable help in the early stages of the writing process of this record, when the songs were but infants, if that, and when I needed someone to tell me what made sense and what didn't. Warren Cole and Matt Lowe: For friendship and conversation, the context in which these songs were given life. Mark Epperson: For constant friendship My Family: It's just about enough to be loved. There were others involved in the process of making this record because of something said, sung, or written. In no particular order they include: Garrison Keillor (track 6), Flannery O'Connor (track 1), Frederich Buechner (tracks 1,3), Steve Brown (track 2), Chapel Team 2004 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (track 11), Henri Nouwen, St. Paul's PCA Orlando, FL., Northshore Fellowship Chattanooga, TN., Thomas Cranmer, Wade Williams, Joe Novenson (track 10), Griffin House (track 1), John Stonestreet, John Rutter (track 7), and Ken Myers (track 3). My comments to this group: You lift ordinary people and their boring lives to a level that glorifies God. You name the human experience in a way that helps me understand my part in it. You don't leave out the truth. In these ways you have helped me find the sacred in the mundane. You have helped me turn loneliness into solitude (Nouwen).
  1. The Balloon Ride
  2. Only The Sinner
  3. Ten Thousand Places
  4. Satisfied
  5. Before God and Man
  6. Just About Enough
  7. Keep Me Low
  8. Dark Haired Darling
  9. Your Love Holds On
  10. Quarantine
  11. A Hymn for All the World