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JM Country

JM Country

Justin MacNeil's songs are available for download via iTunes and other leading music download sites.


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Same Spirit Different Gifts Cover
  • Same Spirit Different Gifts
  • Singer/Songwriter, Folk
  • Justin MacNeil
  • 12/14/2012
  • Same Spirit Different Gifts
Liner Notes: Justin MacNeil's second album released in 2012. Dedicated to Jennifer & Jessica MacNeil
  1. Know Your Son
  2. The Sun Still Shines
  3. Back to Those Days
  4. Guitar Lullaby
  5. If I Said Hello
  6. You’ll Go Anywhere
  7. Coming Home Sober
  8. Leave Daddy’s Land Alone
  9. Another Day in Paradise
  10. Raised a Little Stronger
  11. Little Sunshine