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Jvgmusic_- New World Music .

Jazz Funk Reggae Rock and R&B and classical inspired grooves.

Yoga Bubble music instructional yoga songs for kids yoga

Education,health and wellbeing for all students ,

Music to lift the spirit.

Designed as a yoga series to fit into 40 minute school class time .

Track 1."OH- YEH".breathing up tempo , builds confidence a balance,perfect for all ages,family fun.

Each of the following 9 tracks are authentic yoga postures(asanas).

Each song is unique groove with accurate timed yoga instruction and sing along and dance to take you after 30 minutes to rest at "Savassana" track 11.

Sleeping mix track.11,(Shavasana) perfect to put baby to sleep,and rest .

,Allows kids to discover to be their own teacher.

"Let your body sing" . Yoga Bubble.

Enjoy the practice .

Happy healthy fun.

Rock Om.

Facebook: jvgmusic

Email: jvgmusic@live.com

Yoga Bubble Cover
  • Yoga Bubble
  • World, Children's Music
  • 03/17/2011
  • Yoga Bubble
Liner Notes: Yoga Bubble. designed and produced by Jason Victor Gubbay jvgmusic. All songs are yoga instructional lyric driven and music new world grooves. Actual yoga songs and album to fit into 40 minute yoga class times. All songs written and all instruments by Jason V Gubbay JVGMUSIC. All rights and copy reserved to Jason Victor Gubbay jvgmusic.Sydney Australia .
  1. Oh Yeah - Breathing Warm Up Song...
  2. Mountain - Tadassana
  3. Half Moon - Ardha Chandrasana...
  4. Eagle - Garudasana
  5. Warrior - Virabhadrasana
  6. Tree - Vryksasana
  7. Thunderbolt-Cobra - Vajrasana-Bhujangasana...
  8. Butterfly - Baddha Konasana...
  9. Wave - Paschimottanasana
  10. Yoga Bubble - Savasana
  11. Sleeping Mix - Shavasana