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Karen Bella

Karen Bella

Karen Bella, b. March 12, 1984 in Queens, NY began her singing career at age 9, taking professional voice lessons, recording albums of Broadway hits, performing in local musicals around Long Island, NY and performing at local talent shows. The first song she ever wrote, at age 12, was about a homeless child and dealing with the reality of it. She continued her love of music and arts throughout Elementary School, High School and College. She attended Five Towns College in 2007 to study Music. Throughout her early adult hood she worked with multiple producers and co-wrote hundreds of songs. For years she felt lost, influenced by those producers music styles, songs and their dreams. Her own voice was drowned behind the ego of others. She finally shed away from any and all producers and began writing her own solo music where she not only found out who she is, but she found her sound.

"I had to find out who I wasn't to find out who I am. The same thing with my music." Says Karen.

"I write about what I know and obviously it's from my point of view. Honestly, I am not really sure where these songs come from. Song writing is a very unique and mysterious event for me. Always has been."

Karen is also a thespian having performed in Shakespeare plays, Musicals, and film work.

The world will soon see all that Ms. Bella has to offer and it begins with her debut album "Ordinary Girl" which was released March 30th 2011.

"The irony of the title of the album is explained in my music. I am far from ordinary!" Karen explained. "I don't think anyone can be just ordinary."

She is also bilungual, speaking English and Hebrew fluently. She has also written Hebrew versions of her music on her album.

You can buy "Ordinary Girl" at the itunes store and stay tuned for more news and tour dates.

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