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Kaskeset's Albums

Kaskeset's Albums

Kaskeset is Binghamton University's Jewish A Cappella Group. It was founded in 1996 as a sub charter of Hillel at Binghamton University. Since then, the group has become one of the nation's premiere Jewish a cappella groups, and recorded five full-length albums.Our repertoire includes songs in English and in Hebrew, which pertain to Judaism, its values, and reflect our culture. We are very proud of the wide spectrum of music we offer, ranging from choral works to liturgy, rock, pop, Israeli and everything in between. All songs are sung a cappella, or without instruments or other accompaniment; we use only the sounds of our voices and bodies to produce the unique tones and sounds which distinguish us from other genres of music.Kaskeset is proudly known for being the first Jewish contemporary group in the world to advance to the semi finals of the International Champoinship for Collegiate A Cappella, winning the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award for “Best of contemporary a cappella award” for our recording of “Mima’amakim”, award for "Best Beatboxer", and frequently featured on the Kol Cast, the Jewish A Cappella pod cast, and Mouth-off, a weekly a cappella pod cast.

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Artist Country State City Venue Date
Kaskeset United States Florida Florida Interested? Contact KaskesetEboard@gmail.com Jan 03, 2013
The Teal Album Cover
  • The Teal Album
  • Vocal, World
  • Kaskeset
  • 07/26/2008
  • The Teal Album
  1. V'ahavta
  2. Mima'amakim
  3. Yachad
  4. Pia Patcha
  5. Balbeli Oto
  6. Home
  7. Kama Od Efshar
  8. Bless The Broken Road
  9. It Takes Three To Medley
  10. Because
  11. Generations
  12. Hayam
Life Is a Chaiway Cover
  • Life Is a Chaiway
  • Vocal, World
  • Kaskeset
  • 12/15/2010
  • Life Is a Chaiway
Liner Notes:
  1. Balagan
  2. Lesham
  3. Cold Cry
  4. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
  5. Jerusalem
  6. You'll Be In My Heart
  7. Emtza Halila Bak'far
  8. Yesh Bi Od Koach
  9. Kol Hamispalel
  10. Tutim
  11. Adoshem Li
  12. Higher and Higher
  13. Yihye Tov