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The Rhythm of The Code-Morse Code Music

Many Ham radio operators use Morse code during their broadcasts. Thousands have used our exciting musical method to learn or refresh their skills. If learning Morse code in a new fun way interests you, the Rhythm of the Code is the way to go!

The Rhythm of the Code Cover
  • The Rhythm of the Code
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Phil Kawa
  • 07/13/2007
  • The Rhythm of the Code
  1. The Rhythm of the Code-Alpha...
  2. The Rhythm of the Code-Numeric...
  3. V1-Alphabet Vocal
  4. V1-Alphabet Instrumental
  5. V1-Zyx
  6. V2-Alphabet Stereo
  7. V2 Numbers Stereo
  8. V2 Alphabet Sublime
  9. V2 Numbers Sublime