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King Cobra's Nest

King Cobra's Nest

To all my fans and fans to come I present my public page for tune core giving you a chance to hear my music and experience a new sound in metal

My musical idols are Dani Filth and Ozzy Osbourne I am truly pashonit about my music and music in general so stay a while and thank you for checking out my music

I compose the music on garage band the guitar and vocals are mine and then I add other instrumental tracks to make my songs

King Cobra


Josh Saunders

Just another rocker/metal head trying to make it big in the musical industry

Artist's Media Player

Cemetery Gates Cover
  • Cemetery Gates
  • Heavy Metal, Alternative
  • King Cobra
  • 05/08/2015
  • Cemetery Gates
  1. Cemetery Gates
  2. Dark Hallow
  3. Such a Creeper
  4. Rain
  5. Whiskey Tears for My Dog
  6. Black Flame to Light My Green Smoke...
  7. Vampire Love
  8. Smoky Hypocrisy (feat. Og Beats)...
  9. Luciferian Stoner
  10. Time
  11. Ravens in the Rain (feat. Official Djd Sign)...
  12. Caught in the Moment (feat. Ea Productions20)...
  13. Thrills (feat. Jace D. Beats TV)...
  14. So Alone (feat. Sinazzi MC)...
  15. Ring Your Bells All Night Long...
  16. Hit It Like a Caveman (feat. Jace D. Beats TV)...
  17. Trapped Behind Dead Eyes
  18. The Bible Is My Jizz Rag (feat. Jace D. Beats TV)...