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King Cobra's Nest

King Cobra's Nest

To all my fans and fans to come I present my public page for tune core giving you a chance to hear my music and experience a new sound in metal

My musical idols are Dani Filth and Ozzy Osbourne I am truly pashonit about my music and music in general so stay a while and thank you for checking out my music

I compose the music on garage band the guitar and vocals are mine and then I add other instrumental tracks to make my songs

King Cobra


Josh Saunders

Just another rocker/metal head trying to make it big in the musical industry

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Rebirth of My Mind Decent into Madness Cover
  • Rebirth of My Mind Decent into Madness
  • Heavy Metal, Alternative
  • King Cobra
  • 10/07/2013
  • Rebirth of My Mind Decent into Madness
  1. Could Be Worse
  2. Shallow Lies
  3. Rainstorms of Nagitivity
  4. King Cobra Wave
  5. Rebirth of My Mind
  6. The Graveyard Lit by Moonlit Sarrow...
  7. Fire
  8. Mask of Deception
  9. Schizo Love
  10. Gone
  11. Party Going No Wear
  12. Iron Bird
  13. Dark Hallow
  14. Music Is My Salvation
  15. Finger Paint in Blood
  16. Dead Summoning
  17. Funeral and Sunrise
  18. Black and Green
  19. Legalize
  20. King Cobra Show
  21. Stand My Final Ground (feat. the Enigma Tng)...
  22. Decent into Madness