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erotic hypnotics - paradise meditation relaxation

erotic hypnotics - paradise meditation relaxation

sexual paradise meditation relaxation

Im a sole artist making hypnotic and meditation releases

In my experience music and therapy can cure or be helpfull in many different stress related issues.

Make ready for an extra ordenary psycadelic experience going deep in your mind focusing on the human needs and desires.


From: Denmark

im a single producer who makes hypnotic dreams and relaxing voices found healing and mindfullness 2 years from this illusive therapy session i concluded that i wanted more and started to eh hypnosis sessionings to be aware of the potentiel of the human mind and found a paralle with both healing and imagery combined with self hypnosis dreaming artist profile http://www.tunecore.com/mus...

medtation & hypnosis

Music therapy is one of the easyest ways to get well and rested

I used meditation and hypnosis for years almost every day it gave me all the psykological Strenght to have a easy and stressless life less anxiety and more wellbeing.

I desided to make my own arts and saw the benfical outcome by desiding what i wanted from the therapy. I have been working on these tracks paradise beach dreams get good and more for a few years I hope others will benefit from these therapys asswell.

Ricki Rasmus Jensen

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