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Kyrie Kristmanson

Kyrie Kristmanson

The THUNDERSONGS are inspired by yearning—sacred or profane—as expressed in the poetry of the very first songwriters of the western world, the men and women troubadours of the Middle Ages. These four compositions voice the wild passions of their desire, at times displaced in the messianic fervor of the Crusades. Rendered in whispers and roars, Kyrie’s songs seem to reverberate in the closed quarters of the castle-fortress or in the colorful frenzy of the crowd.

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Thundersongs Cover
  • Thundersongs
  • Alternative, Singer/Songwriter
  • Kyrie Kristmanson
  • 03/03/2011
  • Thundersongs
Liner Notes: THUNDERSONGS KYRIE KRISTMANSON 1. BAD BODY - 1’52 2. CHARLOTTE - 4’42 3. RIVER DANCING - 3’13 4. THE CROWD IS SINGING - 3’34 Produced by Kyrie, Léa and Mark Kristmanson All tracks recorded by Mark K. in the Dining Room, Ottawa, Canada, except Bad Body, recorded in Paris, France except The Crowd is Singing, recorded in Vezelay, France and in Ottawa. All tracks mixed and mastered by Mark K., Ottawa, Canada except River Dancing, 4th Street Recordings, Santa Monica, California, engineer Sejo Navajas. All songs written and composed by Kyrie Kristmanson Arrangements by Mark K. All songs published by Kristmanson Productions Inc. Vocals, nylon string guitar, tambourine, - Kyrie K. Guitars, electric bass, - Mark K. (1, 3,4) Kyrie plays a Jasper Senderowitz classical guitar Art design by Kristmanson Productions Inc. Photo by Emma Pick
  1. Bad Body
  2. Charlotte
  3. River Dancing
  4. The Crowd Is Singing