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Anointed to Praise...

Anointed to Praise...

The Gospel/Christian artist KYRK is one of the most respected praise and worship vessels that have been in relatively short supply of late in contemporary/new-age Gospel music. Now that sounds like a pretty tall order for a newcomer to fulfill but he’s an icon in the making. For singer/songwriter KYRK—about to release his all new debut “Half Man, Half Amazing”, his first project in several years, and the one he describes as his most anointed yet—the secret is simple. He remains true to who he is as a husband, a father, a man of God and as a chosen vessel.

“My music is the real me,” says KYRK. I’ll either live by that or I’ll die by that in this life, but I’ve got to be me and reveal the true God in me. “This isn’t a fad for me,” declares KYRK. I’m willing to go wherever God leads me with this because music is medicine to me. This is my world and how I see it. My music speaks for me in a way that’s relatable and truthful. Every message in his songs is sincere and testimonial. KYRK’s voice is another obvious factor. Putting all of that together, he possess a universal connection that touches everyone in any state of their lives.

KYRK have been on stage with artists such as Montel Jordon, K-Ci and JoJo, Destiny Child, Brown Stone, Christopher Williams, Born Jamericans, The Fugees, Billy Lawrence and more.

It’s been an incredible journey since KYRK and though he has enjoyed remarkable successes throughout his career, KYRK considers his new project when “it all came together” divine destiny. Now re-emerging with a new team and a renewed purpose in his music, KYRK is ready to give God the glory and mend brokenness between God and his people.

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Hands up (Give Him Praise) Cover
  • Hands up (Give Him Praise)
  • Christian/Gospel, Pop
  • Kyrk
  • 07/22/2012
  • Hands up (Give Him Praise)
Liner Notes: Today, Amazing Muzic / Island Def Jam DD artist KYRK releases his single, “Hands Up (Give Him Praise)" world wide. The highly anticipated debut single from one of today’s most talked about new artists who has yet to release an album is sure not to disappoint fans and critics alike.  Today’s single release of “Hands Up (Give Him Praise)” will be followed by the full-length release of KYRKs’ debut album, Half Man, Half Amazing, in 2013. Packed with interesting breaks and tempo shifts, lead single, “Hands Up (Give Him Praise),” beautifully showcases KYRKs’ pure, arresting praise.  But it is tracks like the haunting Hands Up (Give Him Praise) and Half Man, Half Amazing, on KYRKs` yet released album that truly illustrate his diversity and mastery of the contemporary gospel genre.  KYRK pulsates with infectious, modern day, hip-hop-influenced beats that perfectly complement his outstanding P&W-grounded vocals, and it is this foundation in technique, creativity and God-given gift that is poised to situate this rising vessel as the one to watch on the Gospel/Christian scene.
  1. Hands up (Give Him Praise)...