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La Internacional Sonora Show (Biography)

La Internacional Sonora Show was founded in 1990 by Kiko Vargas SR and his sons (Billy and Kiko Vargas jr) whose mission was to create an organization where the musicians are the stars. In the last decade they have perfected the musical style that is the "Cumbia" Their mission is to give a joyful existence to all their listeners. The music of La Internacional Sonora Show has been heard from generation to generation; it is a legend in the tropical genra of music. That's why their fans call them "Los Reyes De La Cumbia" or "Kings of Cumbia".

La Internacional Sonora Show rocketed to fame in 1993 with the release of their first cd

"Escandalo" which launched them international cumbia superstars. The song "Escandalo" is a hit to this very day. is still played in many clubs and anywhere that cumbia music is played. Although Escandalo is used by many other Cumbia, it's origins are with La Internacional Sonora Show, many think is sonora dinamita which is not true.

In 2006 they have given a classic hit a hot new twist with a reggaeton interpretation of "Escandalo", along with some of their ither greatest hits.

La Internacional Sonora Show is presently led bu bandleader Kiko Vargas jr, assuming a role vacated by the ultimely passing of his father (Kiko Vargas sr) in 2004. The band has Macondo, Daly, Delfo,Joana, Melissa and Kiko Upfront on Vocals and a full orquesta supporting them including guitars, congas, bass, accordion, percussions, and trumpets.

La Internacional Sonora Show has spent a few years touring and pleasing audiences with their exciting live shows and infectious cumbia sounds. They have appeard on the line up of very many high profile Latin Music shows such as La Movida, El Show De Johnny Canales, and Don Francisco.

La Internacional Sonora Show has performed in many events including calle 8 in Miami, Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles, and all Major Cinco De Mayo festivals for example in Reno they have been requested by the city of Reno to perform for two consecutive years totalling more than 100,000 each day for two days.

The Music of La Internacional Sonora Show has been featured in commercials for MCI, the California Lottery, Coors Light, Miller Lite, and La Curacao. They Recently sold out the famous Hollywood Paladium with advance Ticket Sales. Their talent and popularity is not a question. The question is will you be part of it too.

Keep an eye out for yet another release at the end of the year, called La Evolucion, and a nationwde tour that will keep La Internacional Sonora Show in forefront of Latin Music...

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For info please contact

Roxana Vargas (Manager)

818-621-5277 or roxana@sonorashow.com

Kiko Vargas (Musical Director)

818-631-5277 or kiko@sonorashow.com

La Evolucion Cover
  • La Evolucion
  • Dance, Latin
  • La Internacional Sonora Show
  • 08/29/2007
  • La Evolucion
  1. Escandalo-Ton (cumbia reggeaton)...
  2. Cumbia reggeaton-mix Mi cucu, Chiquita pero cumplidora, El Negro Africano, E...
  3. Tequila
  4. Oye Como Va
  5. La Bomba
  6. La Mochila
  7. La Pollera Colora
  8. La Virgen De La Macarena
  9. Compay Gato
  10. Santo Cachon
  11. El Diario De Un Borracho
  12. Escandalo
Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 2 Cover
  • Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 2
  • Latin, Dance
  • La Internacional Sonora Show
  • 05/21/2008
  • Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 2
  1. La Bomba
  2. La Rola
  3. Compay Gato
  4. Oye Como Va
  5. Espejismo
  6. Cumbia Barulera
  7. Ya Para Que
  8. El Reventon
  9. La Chinita
  10. Despeinada
  11. Tata Y Machete
  12. Alma Mia
  13. Renacere
  14. El Tizon
  15. Dame Tu Amor
  16. Mirada Latina
  17. No Te Vayas Nunca
  18. Corazon Herido
Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 1 Cover
  • Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 1
  • Latin, Dance
  • La Internacional Sonora Show
  • 06/22/2008
  • Lo Mejor De La Internacional Sonora Show Vol. 1
  1. Mix- Mi Cucu/chiquita Pero Cumplidora/ El Africano/ El Viejo Del Sombreron...
  2. El Diaro De Un Borracho
  3. Escandalo
  4. Esos Ojos
  5. Del Monton
  6. Suspiros
  7. Yo No Naci Para Amar
  8. El Lagunero
  9. La Virgen De La Macarena
  10. El Santo Cachon
  11. Las Velas Encendidas
  12. La Mochila
  13. El Tejanito
  14. El Raton Vaquero
  15. Joselito
  16. Tormento
  17. Si No Soy Asi
  18. Traicionero