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Laura C  - "The Gift of Brokenness"

Laura C - "The Gift of Brokenness"

We live in broken times. So no wonder we often feel like we’re falling to pieces. 0-o Ugh. The funny thing is, we try to patch those cracks in ourselves with things that don’t really fill them. In fact, they usually end up making those crevices deeper. And wider.

I don't know, maybe our brokenness is by design. I know for me, when I came to that realization, when I truly embraced it, it brought me closer to the truth.

The Gift of Brokenness is about that journey. In a way, each song is a piece of me, as I took myself apart and put myself back together again. It’s about dealing with anger, despair and fear. And ultimately, it’s about joy and hope and healing.

And even though it’s about my personal struggle with addiction, it’s really become more of a mirror held up to these broken times we live in. So

everyone seems to see a little piece of themselves in it.

If you're interested, you can see my videos and press on my website at www.lauracmusic.com. And even hear or buy my music if you like.

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of myself with you.