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Loka Nunda

Loka Nunda


Loka Nunda is vegetarian and practices Meditation and yoga . Its easy to misunderstand Loka. With his edge punk skinhead look. And his strong spiritual side with wild fetish video clips . All go to show Loka is a man of colour.

He Edits and produces His own music Videos. Programes and mixes music. And is a talented song writer and singer.

This Darker fetish sexual edge in Lokas last few years of work. Is about being free to be who you are. Its the art of fantasy fetish sexual expression. And GAY RIGHTS.

Loka left the Hare Krishna movment after many years, leaving the bad behind , keeping the good. And has taken a new path in his music . Exploring the realms of sexuality, fetish, Punk and more worldly issues with his music projects. Touching on subjects that are taboo .

Loka likes to make Art from Sex.

Sexual fantasies Are just That . Fantasies. Playing fetishes out in music and Art is much fun, says Loka. fantasies once played out in life, are not all what you may hope in some cases anyway. But in Art they are just perfect.

His latest works Like Stomp Stomp , Down In The Park and Punks On Pills, are about having fun. Yet Loka's signature of spirituality is still present on the new releases. For that is Loka. He works on many levels.

Be Free. Know your self. Look out side the 4 dots. See the light inside. Find The Truth.

Loka now is more interested in what is not written. He is apposed to organised religion all together. Organized religion = organised corruption in Lokas eyes now days. Although there is still good every where , if you choose to see it. And good people in all faiths. One must try to see the good in all the faiths of the world and the connectedness they share. If any one is of the opinion that their religion is the only true religion then they are simply apart of what is wrong with the world. Loka is still a strongly spiritual person. And believes in God and the spiritual realm. And still has great respect for the wisdom of the Vedas. But would rather turn his efforts in music toward animal and human rights. H.I.V awareness and the predigests that still to this day cause so much suffering in the world.

Loka respect all divinities, but has no respect for any organised religious group.


Loka's music is released globally and played by World Class DJs, on some of the most Pumped Dance floors and festivals on the Planet. From Sydney's Mardi Gras, to Australia's Rainbow Serpent festival and the Earth Dance festival. Fetish Expo. Gay Pride Australia. Loka is played by radio stations. Kiss fm Nova fm, Triple J , Joy . Video Clips air on Rage Channel V. With Rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Juice, the Age Herald Sun.

The Sweet Lord Concept Album, Hitting top 10 on Independent DJ Charts. featuring Diva of rock, Nina Hagen, joining Loka to manifest The Sweet Lord project. Appearing on the Sweet Lord Album are Co producers, DJ Dimity (from Delite NY City.) Jeremy Allom (Massive Attack.) Pete Hemsley ( The Lords Garden.) Pee Wee Ferris. Josh Abrahams.

Loka's first release was The WHEEL OF LIFE. Sirius Music 1994. Followed by SOUL LOVER 1995. Dance Net BABY IT’S YOU, WICKED KARMA. 1996. MCA Germany FLY With Pam Ann. Warner .1999 IN SIDE OUT, OUT FM. Sydney 2000, Warner SENSUAL WARRIOR EP With Amiel Damion. 2000. MGM Distribution. Warner.

THE SWEET LORD CONCEPT ALBUM Double CD, With German Maverick of Rock, Nina Hagen. 2001. MGM Distribution.

Free Will Zone. 2008 CDBABY.COM ITUNES,

Mother Is Reacting 2008 Feat Nina Hagen .

Stomp Stomp 2009 CDBABY ITUNES.

PAN REMIIXES Wendy Rule Loka Nunda 2009 Itunes.

Down In the park 2010. Itunes.

Punks on pills. 2011. Itunes.

Krishna Electro 2011 Itunes .

Solar Storm. Feat Stathis. 2012 Itunes


Loka Nunda & Stathis present our album "Solar Storm" for sale on Itunes,an UFO album , crazy, Romatic, Electro Opera, a ray of sunshine to warm the heart and soul.

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My Sweet Lord Gospel House Mix (feat. Nina Hagen) Cover
  • My Sweet Lord Gospel House Mix (feat. Nina Hagen)
  • Christian/Gospel, Dance
  • Loka Nunda
  • 10/24/2011
  • My Sweet Lord Gospel House Mix (feat. Nina Hagen)
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  1. My Sweet Lord Gospel House Mix (feat. Nina Hagen)...