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Long Tale Recordings

Long Tale Recordings

So, as I was saying… there was this guy talking about this new retail theory and how it impacts on the marketing of music in the 21st century. He was banging on about the interweb and downloads so I thought we should harness the new tricknology and do something real positive with it.

It’s time we came up with a more sensible way for Artists to make money – what with this new fangled multi media world imposing a new world order. I figure we should find our rightful place in the pecking order and find a way to get our creations to the consumer hungry public.

So we came up with the Long Tale concept. A label, marketing device which would enable credible Artists to get their work to people who really appreciate what they are doing. It would also help make sure that the cash that the consumer pays finds its way to the Artists who created the work. Rock on Long Tale!

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Mekong Delta Blues Cover
  • Mekong Delta Blues
  • World
  • Master Kong Nay & Ouch Savy
  • 08/20/2007
  • Mekong Delta Blues
Liner Notes: Special thanks to Arn Chorn Pond, Phany Tum, Song Seng, Dickon Verey and all at Cambodian Living Arts and to Somongkol Teng, Sarin Chuon and Trent Walker for the translation work and to Will Le Strange, David Fitzgerald, Nigel Milk, Dan Lavi, Rob Bozas and Peter Gabriel for all the support and understanding. Recorded in Philipthearan Temple Batambang and Studio CLA Phenom Penn Cambodia. Design by Tony Stiles at Tijuana Photography by Stéphane Janin Recorded by Sarin Chuon, Sam Ath Cheng and Dickie Chappell September 2006 – July 2007 Mastered by Marco Migliari at Real World Studios Produced and mixed by Dickie Chappell Licensing@realworld.co.uk
  1. Farewell Wishes
  2. Brown Phalla
  3. A Tale of A Giant
  4. My Life
  5. Khmer Ladies Virtues
  6. My Darling
  7. Parents Legacy
  8. Oh Dear Mother!
  9. Kadeuk Breeze
  10. Ramvong
  11. Missing My Youthful Beauty...
  12. The Future of Cambodia
Drum-Believable Cover
  • Drum-Believable
  • World
  • The Dhol Foundation
  • 12/05/2007
  • Drum-Believable
Liner Notes: For full album notes see www.dholfoundation.com
  1. Palace of Love
  2. Simply H
  3. After the Rain
  4. Ajaa Nach Lai
  5. Holy Thug
  6. Fistful of Dhollars
  7. Spirit East
  8. After Life
  9. Anyana Duniya
  10. Dark Star
  11. Breathe
  12. Dhol Dark & Handsome (TDF Live Jam)...
Drums & Roses Cover
  • Drums & Roses
  • World
  • The Dhol Foundation
  • 11/05/2007
  • Drums & Roses
Liner Notes: For full liner notes see www.dholfoundation.com
  1. When You Loved Me
  2. Without...
  3. Gra Gan Chrioch
  4. Johnny's Drum
  5. Drums & Roses
  6. Sex & Violins
  7. You Turned
  8. Angels Karma
  9. Dust Maker
  10. Nach Mundeya
  11. Bad Boys TDF
  12. Ishtar
Quietude Cover
  • Quietude
  • Electronic, Jazz
  • Rachael Roberts
  • 06/16/2008
  • Quietude
Liner Notes: Musicians: Rachael Roberts Vocals / Keys / Programming Alex Swift Overall Production / Guitar Lucy Roberts Violin / Viola / Cello Maisie Conlon Clarinets / Flute / Saxophones Alan Jenkins Guitar Solo on Track 8 Safe From Harm - Keepers Mix Strings, Brass, Flute and Clarinets recorded and engineered by Rachael Roberts Wooden Room at Dopden Studios, Charmouth Forest, Dorset Mastered by Matthew Denny at Master Blaster, London Photography by R Broughton / R Roberts Design by Derek Edwards at Patwa www.patwa.co.uk
  1. Breaking
  2. Here I Am
  3. Let Go
  4. I Walk Alone
  5. Heavenly (Bliss Mix)
  6. Seize The Day
  7. I Remember You
  8. Safe From Harm (Keepers Mix)...
  9. Sweet Is The Air
  10. Bittersweet
Dark Streets Cover
  • Dark Streets
  • Soundtrack
  • George Acogny
  • 09/25/2008
  • Dark Streets
  1. Chaz Visits His Uncle
  2. Dead Dancer
  3. Father's Theme
  4. The Goon
  5. Car Ride To Death
  6. Dolores
  7. Wonderwheel
  8. The Goon Is Back
  9. Chaz Finds Cash
  10. Walk In The Park Strings
  11. Father Theme Piano
  12. Uncle Arrives
  13. War Of The Roses
  14. Talk To The Fly
  15. Walk In The Park Piano
  16. Circus
  17. Gloria - Power's Out
Axis of Ignorance Cover
  • Axis of Ignorance
  • Electronic, Dance
  • Tj Rehmi
  • 07/27/2009
  • Axis of Ignorance
Liner Notes: The world's music has been blended into the unique guitar playing and electronic wizardry of tj Rehmi. Rehmi is the ultimate fusionist. Comfortable with eastern and western music. He seems to glide from east to west and back again effortlessly creating wonderful contemporary music that is steeped in thousands of years of tradition. The Axis of Ignorance was composed during the Iraqi Invasion and these were Rehmi’s musical reflections on this period in history. The title says it all. On listening this album has wonderful qualities. Its one record with the volume on 2 and a completely new album with the volume on 10. This is a magnificent record but much better as a whole piece of work than on an individual track by track basis. As Bobby Friction said - Rehmi made his studio weep! Licensing@realworld.co.uk
  1. You Are We Am I (Red Mix)
  2. The Warm Chill
  3. Axis of Ignorance
  4. Perfumed
  5. Asmaaniac
  6. Blood from Stone
  7. You Are We Am I (Blue Mix)...
  8. Xcentric
  9. Lone Rider
  10. For the Unknown
  11. The Escape
Bittersweet Cover
  • Bittersweet
  • Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  • David Rhodes
  • 07/21/2010
  • Bittersweet
Liner Notes: Until now David Rhodes has been more than content to be the supporting artist in the shadows, a few paces back from the main attraction. As well as his lengthy tenure on the shoulder of Peter Gabriel, David’s also been an in-demand session player, his fluid guitar lines adorning the records of Tim Finn, Talk Talk, Paul McCartney, T-Bone Burnett and even Roy Orbison. Then there’s the sizeable soundtrack work he undertakes with musical partner Richard Evans (The Footnote), much of it for documentaries on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. They have also scored a Giant Screen movie for Nat Geo (Sea Monsters) and worked on a number of films with Peter Gabriel. On Bittersweet: "I had a small collection of songs that I’d worked on for the last two or three years and once I’d got them into a good enough state, I just thought “‘These ten tunes are quite strong. Let’s see what people think." DR.
  1. Reality Slips
  2. Down By The River
  3. Just Two People
  4. Crazy Jane
  5. All I Know
  6. If It Could Only Be That Easy...
  7. Monster Monster
  8. There's A Fine Line
  9. One Touch
  10. Bittersweet
Drum Struck Cover
  • Drum Struck
  • World
  • The Dhol Foundation
  • 02/01/2011
  • Drum Struck
Liner Notes: This album throws itself to World Music Lovers everywhere and flaunts amazing rhythms from the infectious and obvious ‘Big Bhangra Beats’ to flavourable Favela samba. Boasting the smoking hot bhangra tunes from the album and the now infamous ‘TDF Intro’. This was included as they have been staging this tune as an opener for their live shows. ‘Naa Karde’ & ‘Desi Peeni’ are bhangra songs by a renowned vocalist from Punjab by the name of Surinder Saini, which are two amazing songs that have the bhangra thunder you expect from TDF. ‘Favela Dog Funk’ is a complete cross between the ever electronic Blocko Electro and The Dhol Foundation. This track is all about the way beats from two different worlds infuse together to create an incredible song and dance.The rest of the album has an edge over other World Music albums due to the amazing mix of technology and live musicianship put together in a way that only TDF now how! See http://www.dholfoundation.com/Releases_Details.php?link=42 for liner notes.
  1. Introducing Tdf
  2. Again Again
  3. Desi Peeni
  4. Favela Dog Funk
  5. Naa Karde
  6. Etran Duniya
  7. Peace & Love
  8. The Love Neural
  9. Ven Aqui
  10. Home With You
  11. Ganesh
Inventions from the Mood Lab Cover
  • Inventions from the Mood Lab
  • World
  • Tj Rehmi
  • 03/01/2011
  • Inventions from the Mood Lab
Liner Notes: 'Inventions From The Mood Lab' is Tj Rehmi's 5th album, a collection of instrumental compositions developed and mixed by Tj Rehmi himself in his studio, the Mood and Bass Lab. These experimental sketches capture various moods influenced by world events and personal experiences from the last 10 years.
  1. A Khoob Experience
  2. Breaking News
  3. Butterfly Wings
  4. Electric Sunrise
  5. Forgotten Whisper
  6. Free Radical
  7. Images From Scene 2
  8. On Tuesday
  9. Peace & Pyaar
  10. The Dancing Tiger
  11. We Have Communicated