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Lost In Chaos - Orlando FL

The Orlando band LOST IN CHAOS is more than the sum of its parts. The band is made up of former members of BlindFold: Brandon Blair (drums), Flounder (bass), Stephen Alan(vocals) & A.J. Gallant (guitar)... with Adrian Guadalupe (keys), and former TNA Wrestling superstar Matt Bentley (guitar).

As the featured band, or opening for Sum 41, 38 Special, King's X, or Mike Tramp from White Lion, BlindFold was a regular on the stages of the Hard Rock Live and House of Blues, Universal Studios Florida, and many clubs around Central Florida. Adding to this mix is the powerful presence of Matt Bentley, who brings all of the intensity you would expect from a professional wrestler, and the amazing talents of Adrian Guadalupe.

With this six man lineup in place, LOST IN CHAOS is redefining modern rock, combining a solid rhythmic backbone with soaring melodies driven by dual guitars and keys. Precision rhythms, a tight groove, and a melodic sensibility make this band stand out in the current music landscape.

On stage, LOST IN CHAOS puts on a show that must be seen. While Adrian Guadalupe is anchored to his keyboard, it is difficult not to imagine him charging the stage with his fleet fingered solos and pulsing chords. Brandon Blair has supported several Orlando artists, and is truly a monster behind the kit. On the front line is A.J. Gallant, Matt Bentley, and Flounder, looking every bit like the linebackers from your favorite football team. Side by side, these three are an imposing sight - but with instruments in hand, the dual guitars and bass become a precision attack. In front of all of this is Stephen Alan, wielding the microphone and working the audience like a pro.

Solid musicianship, compelling music, all supporting a lyric voice makes LOST IN CHAOS the band to catch.

The Blindfold Years Cover
  • The Blindfold Years
  • Rock, Rock
  • Lost In Chaos
  • 08/09/2008
  • The Blindfold Years
Liner Notes: From 200-2005, the Orlando, Florida band Lost In Chaos recorded two albums under the name BlindFold. Select tracks off of Just a Peak and Weekend at Rick's are combined in this release showing the early efforts of AJ, Stephen, Brandon and Flounder.
  1. Predictable
  2. So You Know
  3. Truth Or Dare
  4. Driving Rain
  5. Wait Around
  6. Sweet Life
  7. Paycheck
  8. Not On Your Life
  9. Few More Miles
  10. Once, Before