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Recording and Releasing Material independently since 1996, The Lovebuzzards fuse Punk, Metal and Madness and have been assaulting audience's senses with their sound and live show.

Fran: Guitar/Throat, Wally: Bass, Freddie: Skins and Brass Pounding

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Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
The Lovebuzzards United States Georgia Atlanta Smith's Olde Bar May 03, 2011
The Lovebuzzards United States Georgia Duluth Sweetwater Bar and Grill May 07, 2011
Livebuzzards - the Bootlegs Vol. I Cover
  • Livebuzzards - the Bootlegs Vol. I
  • Rock, Alternative
  • 03/16/2011
  • Livebuzzards - the Bootlegs Vol. I
Liner Notes: Original Liner notes: Thanks to: Robin, Mom, Sanny, Wally “Wonkachimp” Walls, Tammy Mcpeek, Eric and Christy Rassel, Keith Henderson, Danny “Danz”, Sammy “Sambo”, Eddie “Gunns”, Bill, Phil Poupart, Dino, John and Margerite, Brad Luquette, Jerry Allnet, Brian Scott, Cuffy, Rob Budd, Alberto and Marcella, Steve and Angie, John “Cuzzy Wuzzy” Lange, Our entire family in New York, Suzanne Degnats, Suwat (SNS Digital), Rodney Mills and all at IVI Checkmate, Mabel and PMI, all @ Gibbs, IRIS, ULTRABABYFAT, STARYARD, YELO NO. 5, THE BULLIES, REUNION 69, THE LONE TIGER, 88.5 WRAS (Album 88), 91.1 WREK, the Earl, Echo Lounge, The Nine Lives Saloon, The Roxy, Smith’s Olde Bar, The Masquerade, The Somber Reptile, The Cotton Club, Keystones (New Orleans, LA.) Babes (Austin, TX. SXSW) Special Thanks to all who filled our bass player position before our brother Walls solidified the line-up for us: Mike, Shane Bell, Joe “Smokin’ Joe” Waguespack and Jamie Caldwell. The Lovebuzzards are Fran: Guitar/Throat, Wally: Holding down the Low End, Freddie: Skins and Brass Pounding We abuse Ernie Ball Guitar Strings, DR Bass Strings, All kinds of Guitars, Tama Drums, Zildjian cymbals and Pro-mark Sticks Additional Thanks: Jennifer Barakat, Jeff and Terry, Sandy and Miguel, Jennifer “Crank it up Jen” Caldwell, Mike “Rowdy McNasty” Troutt, Jessica Lewis, ATL PUNX, AJ Caruso, Versailles Records, Phillip Sinclair, Darby, Barrett, Herbs, Shaun, Harold, Buzzard, Monkey, Chicken Bone, Erica, Jody Farmer (Farmhouse Guitars Custom Guitars), Sherry Sabine (newdrivenradio.com), Crazy Ivan (Braingell.com), John Maxfield Jr (theseedradio.com), The Cleanspoons, Whiskey Shit Vomit, State of Unrest, Withered, Armazilla, Two my Chagrin, Triosity, Occasional Hell, Three at Large, Sons of Tonatiuh, The Casket Creatures, Vertically Challenged, Jesse and LD (subtle Hammer), Sweetwater Live, Big Todd, The Highlander, 37 Main, Parma Tavern, Tucker Saloons and Sweetwater Bar and Grill. Mastered by Rodney Mills This Album is Dedicated to the Memory of Pat “The Piper” Bayard
  1. Hide
  2. Scar
  3. I Love Chaos
  4. Pages
  5. No Compromise
  6. Jus' Because
  7. This Is One of the Songs On Our... (Sound Bite)...
  8. Get It
  9. I Love Chaos
  10. That Was the Biggest Pile Of... (Sound Bite)...
Fat-N-Ugly - Single Cover
  • Fat-N-Ugly - Single
  • Rock, Alternative
  • The Lovebuzzards
  • 05/21/2011
  • Fat-N-Ugly - Single
Liner Notes: The Lovebuzzards' Debut Single/EP Released in 1996. Remastered at Triple T Studios by Mike Troutt.
  1. Fat-N-Ugly
Defeat Yourself Cover
  • Defeat Yourself
  • Rock, Heavy Metal
  • 10/11/2011
  • Defeat Yourself
Liner Notes: 1. Slaughterhouse* 2. Get It 3. An Homage 4. Cast the Stone 5. Dungeon Party 6. I Love Chaos 7. Mercifully ^ 8. Don't Know 9. Scar 10. Fat-N-Ugly 11. Locomotive Train 12. Clean ^ Recorded at Rex Trax Recording Studios Engineered by Paul Cobb Recorded at Zero Return Studios* Recorded at Crooked Creek Studios^ Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse Produced by Fran Music and Lyrics Written by The Lovebuzzards Arbor Aura Music Publishing BMI
  1. Slaughterhouse
  2. Get It
  3. An Homage
  4. Cast The Stone
  5. Dungeon Party
  6. I Love Chaos
  7. Mercifully
  8. Don't Know
  9. Scar
  10. Fat-N-Ugly
  11. Locomotive Train
  12. Clean