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Northern California's Finest Hardcore Real Rap....

....With A Twist

Life of Crime Cover
  • Life of Crime
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Singer/Songwriter
  • Never
  • 05/18/2015
  • Life of Crime
  1. Life of Crime
  2. California (Radio Edit) [feat. Black Chyna]...
  3. Freaky Like Me (feat. De Ann)...
  4. Crooked Badgez (Final Chapter)...
  5. The Dream Maker
  6. I Know You Want Me
  7. Evil Azz Wayz (feat. Lil Wyno)...
  8. Who Are You
  9. See How I Feel (Radio Edit)...
  10. I Love Maryjane (feat. Lil Wyno & Young Droop)...
  11. Middle of Hell
  12. Loddi Doddi
  13. Fuck All Y'all (feat. Mike Dogg)...
  14. Bring the Funk
  15. Momma'z Disappointment (Radio Edit) [feat. De Ann]...
  16. Muthafucka
  17. Slut 4 an Ex-Wife
  18. No Means Yes (feat. Papparazzi)...
  19. Now We All Know (Bonus Track) [feat. Lil Wyno]...
Al Qaeda Cover
  • Al Qaeda
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Rock
  • Never
  • 11/21/2015
  • Al Qaeda
  1. What Ya Want
  2. Fried Neckbones (feat. Zabel Mendes Kids)...
  3. Never Should've Told Ya
  4. Summertime (feat. Chloe)
  5. I'm Done With You (feat. Mandyka Salas)...
  6. Had a Choice
  7. Skonkaz
  8. Graveyard Love
  9. In My Business
  10. My Philosophy
  11. Ghetto Economic$
  12. Blood Stains (feat. Mandyka Salas)...
  13. La La Song (feat. Chloe)
  14. Al Qaeda (Outro)