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Ma'china's tune-page

Ma'china is a funk-rock band which has put out three albums via tunecore. All albums contain original material.

See the Smoke Cover
  • See the Smoke
  • New Age, Pop
  • Ma'china
  • 01/01/1999
  • See the Smoke
Liner Notes: Rob Rehorst
  1. Collaps
  2. A Pity
  3. Sissy And Whiskey
Two Fish I a Bowl Cover
  • Two Fish I a Bowl
  • Pop, Rock
  • Ma'china
  • 01/01/2003
  • Two Fish I a Bowl
Liner Notes: HollandsSpoor Studio's
  1. Just A Day
  2. Breath Test
  3. Northern Exposure
Between a Madman Cover
  • Between a Madman
  • Pop, Rock
  • Ma'china
  • 04/11/2007
  • Between a Madman
Liner Notes: Thanks to Thomas den Daas - Conga’s Jan Willem van Swigchem - Jembe for playing on Final Night Contact info@ma-china.nl 070-3466657 (Henriet) http://www.ma-china.nl Recording and mixing: tracks 1-6: Recorded at the HPC by Washlines-Studio and mixed at Washlines-Studio (www.washlines.nl) tracks 7-10: Recorded at the Pop-In by Holland Spoor Studios and mixed at Holland Spoor Studios (www.hollandspoorstudios.com) All songs written and produced by Ma’China
  1. Changing Frame
  2. Smile Too
  3. Solitair Girl
  4. Skippin'
  5. Final Night
  6. Vrede
  7. Just A Day (live)
  8. Breath Test (live)
  9. Draaistoel Interface (live)...
  10. Stick It In (live)