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Macro Paul

Macro Paul

Inspired by "Pauls" through music history.

Macro Paul's music is all about "saudade"... portuguese term that allegedly has no translation to english but that expresses the feelings of nostalgia and melancholy tied to the feelings of happiness or joy due to past moments or future hope.

The style merges acoustic sounds with spanish, rock and ballads influences. Although most songs are in Spanish there are also some in English.

Macro Paul is composed of puertorican singer-songwriter Enoc Del Toro accompanied by musician brothers Fernando and Bruno Ufret on first guitar and drums respectively.

On August 2012, Macro Paul released a first EP titled "Live at C.B.R." which included seven songs in six tracks. The EP is currently available at online music stores.

"Solo quiero cantar" is the name of Macro Paul's latest single published on December 2013. In this theme Enoc contrasts the reasons why most people want to sing versus the ones he sings for. Song was produced by singer and producer of the popular Latin Ska band Skapulario, David Ramos.

Macro Paul is working on a new EP to be released sometime soon.

You can follow Macro Paul on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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Solo Quiero Cantar Cover
  • Solo Quiero Cantar
  • Latin, Rock
  • Macro Paul
  • 12/03/2013
  • Solo Quiero Cantar
  1. Solo Quiero Cantar