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an album of original songs, the creation of a stunning new acoustic ambiance Bossa/Pop/Jazzy with audiophile sound quality.

Magdalena Groszek

Magdalena has been singing since the age of five (part of a recording she made aged five is on one of the album tracks). Born in London of Polish parents she spent most of her childhood singing in the Polish community, participating in recordings and winning a singing competition on Radio Free Europe aged 11. She sang on British Television and recorded an album with a Polish group aged 14.

She maintained her singing interest as an amateur singing in classical choirs and singing with children until 2000, when she started singing again more seriously, taking an interest in Brazilian music and Jazz. On this album she sings in three languages. Magdalena has studied singing in Toulouse with the classical singer Michele Zini.

She studied Brazilian music with Eduardo Lopez at the Creest Festival Masterclasses then in Paris. Magdalena studied later with Rolando Faria, the well known Brazilian star of Les Etoiles, across a variety of music from Bossa to Choro.

In terms of her background, Magdalena is a ‘modern day woman’. Successful in many areas of her life, from finance to sport, she is currently an artist in many fields, photography, clay, painting amongst others. She is also working in the field of alternative medicine and healing, and is a qualified psychologist, and integrative energy healer. Her music is part of her healing ability and sharing from the heart.

Jorge Riesenfeld

With an Emmy nomination for sound design and the first prize for music composition at the National Association of Broadcasters, Tektronics competition, Jorge is no novice in the production of fine work. He specifically composed this album of songs for Magdalena’s captivating mellow voice.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Jorge spent twelve years working in LA as a Sound Designer and Composer for most of the TV and Film studios, and then went back to Brazil where in addition to composition he worked with a pop star called Fernanda Abreu.

He moved to France in 2001 and has been composing for Television and Advertising until he decided to produce a purely acoustic album of songs. He is currently recording in Brazil.

Jorge Riesenfeld - Music composition, Arrangement, Keyboards, Percussions, Harmonica, Vocals.

Recorded and Mixed at Artsonore Studios by Jorge Riesenfeld

Mastering at David Manley Studios by Marwan and at Artsonore by Jorge Riesenfeld


Jean-Phillipe Crispin Guitars: Having spent several years in Brazil, Jean Phillipe is probably one of the best Bossa Nova players in France, his lightness of touch and rythmn is hard to match.

Michel Benita Double Bass: One of the best Jazz players in Paris, many recording credits including Eric Truffaz, etc...

Cacau Sax, clarinet, flute: From Tania Maria, Hermeto Pascoal, Stan Getz......

Christian Pauli Percussion: Spent several years in Brazil, probably one of the best French Brazilian percussionists, plays with Nazare Pereira, Marcio Farraco, Monica Passos.....

Pascale Morrow Violin : Having also spent many years in Brazil, married to a Brazilian singer, the quality of his playing and rythmn speak for themselves

Hassem Dgeghbal Electric Bass - Virtuoso bass player, the upcoming French Abraham Laboriel!

Vincent Lafont Acoustic Piano on two songs,

Julien Bonnard Drums, upcoming young talent. Medaille d’Or, Conservatoire de Versailles.

Bobby Rangis Sax, Flute. Bobby is a highly respected American musician living in Paris.

Jean Phillipe Claverie Now living in Brazil, Jean Philippe is one of the first guitarists of Monica Passos, Rolando Faria and others in Paris, and is a fine and recognized expert of Brazilian music.

Contact magdalena.groszek@yahoo.co.uk

© 2004 2006 SACEM

Without You Knowing Cover
  • Without You Knowing
  • Jazz, Vocal
  • Magdalena Groszek
  • 03/22/2012
  • Without You Knowing
Liner Notes:
  1. Without You Knowing
  2. Love Is Blind
  3. Pas Loin
  4. Sailing
  5. Ivry Loft
  6. Slow Down
  7. Bo to Nie Ja
  8. Je Suis Jalouse (feat. Jorge Riesenfeld)...
  9. Je T'Aimais
  10. Dona Maria (feat. Jorge Riesenfeld)...
  11. Media Spider
  12. Listening to Champagne
  13. Jealous Heart (feat. Jorge Riesenfeld)...
  14. I Lost You
  15. You Can't Clone My Soul