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Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy


‘I’ve found my voice.’

As statements of intent go, it’s a bold one. The line can be found in Maria Doyle Kennedy’s ‘The Silence’, from her third album of original songs, written and recorded with long-term partner-in-crime Kieran Kennedy.

Entitled Sing, it’s a richly imagined record, one that marries folk forms with torch-song melodies and draws on flamenco rhythms, avant-rock, Celtic, Mediterranean and Appalachian airs. There are misty mountain songs like ‘Sing From the Sea’, with its serpentine twelve-string figures and dusky soul vocals. There’s the spellbound ‘Hola Luna’, a Celtic fable in the form of a perfect pop tune. Then the harmony-laden Dusty country-soul of ‘The Most Beautiful People Are Broken’, the woozy, swoony ‘12 White Horses’, the Nilsson-ish cool hand on the brow that is ‘Am I Choosing Right’.

Over the span of ten meticulously crafted songs, Sing casts ethereal spells, oblivious to worldly babble. No matter how distinguished the guests, they all become transformed in some fashion: Damien Rice changes from a dark balladeer to a man transfixed by sirens. Paul Brady is recast as a Strabane-Andalusian banshee, barely recognizable as himself. And the great John Prine duets on the lovely ‘Yes We Will’, assuring the listener that the two people in this song will go on, because they must.

Sing is a subtle but powerful record, one that deals in the currencies of joy and doubt, magic and grief. These are wise, measured and sometimes tender airs, sung by a woman at the peak of her creative powers, arranged, produced and played by a man at the height of his. These songs, we’ll wager, will soundtrack baptisms, revels, weddings and wakes. They might bury us yet.

Peter Murphy.

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Mutter Cover
  • Mutter
  • Alternative
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 06/12/2007
  • Mutter
  1. Unbelievable
  2. Mother
  3. Fuckability
  4. Ghost Guitar
  5. Skin
  6. Call Me
  7. Here You Come
  8. Seven More Times
  9. Pattern
  10. Forty Days
  11. Stuck
  12. Opera
  13. Swoon
Stars Above Cover
  • Stars Above
  • Alternative, Alternative
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 09/01/2008
  • Stars Above
Liner Notes: Maria Doyle Kennedys voice is her only instrument, but capable of rough cracked punch and soothing lullaby moments, it is a wondrous voice to behold. Maria Doyle Kennedy is a powerful mixture between a folk siren and a punk-diva. She is one of the great voices of Ireland. The Celtic Patti Smith
  1. Stars Above
Charm Cover
  • Charm
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 09/14/2008
  • Charm
Liner Notes: MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY CHARM 2008 www.mariadoylekennedy.com Maria released her debut solo album 'Charm' on her own label Mermaid Records in 2001 to widespread critical acclaim. 'Charm' was a triumph of self determination that encompassed everything from unadulterated rock and roll to left field Americana and the kind of lyrical sensibly that suggested Lorca rewriting creepy Eastern European fairy tales. It also yielded a slew of singles including Stars Above, Without You and Babes. Charm was nominated for Best New Album at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards. MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY: CHARM OUT NOW ON MERMAID RECORDS. www.mariadoylekennedy.com Nick Joyce, Basel Zeitung. Maria Doyle Kennedy is a powerful mixture between a folk siren and a punk-diva. She is one of the great voices of Ireland. The Celtic Patti Smith. Siobhan Long, Irish Times.***** Charm, her solo debut, released on her own label, is a full-blooded, three-dimensional snapshot of a musician and singer most definitely in her prime." "Charm is evidence of a musician most definitely hitting top gear“. The Review Sligo Ireland. Playing music for people is, as she put it herself, her lifeblood Maria Doyle Kennedys voice is her only instrument, but capable of rough cracked punch and soothing lullaby moments, it is a wondrous voice to behold. Phil Udell, Hot Press. With a large cast of players, the sound is full and lush and Maria's voice is still a wondrous thing to behold, full of character and, yes, charm. Eamon Carr, Evening Herald. This is an assured statement and a sonic treat. The songs are quirky honest expressions of personal and domestic concerns which are enhanced by Maria's breathy intimacy which is allowed plenty of scope in Kieran Kennedy's inspired production, full but never cluttered. It's sassy, caring and protective, all at once. Way to go. Mathew Magee, Sunday Tribune. 12 expressive, inventive songs, the album has the feel of something that was a joy to make, and that warmth leaps out into the room. It's an album you smile to, a rare gift. Declan White, Ireland On Sunday. The 12 tracks are magnificent, life-affirming; from her pen, her head and her heart." "Maria brought the Late Show to an emotional height when she sang her moving lullaby, Stars Above.
  1. Without You
  2. Babes
  3. Snow White
  4. Stars Above
  5. I Scare Myself
  6. Safe From Harm
  7. Helena
  8. Magpie
  9. Loving You Is Killing Me
  10. Bittersweet
  11. Revenge Is Sour
  12. 12 Stars Above [Acoustic]
Skullcover Cover
  • Skullcover
  • Alternative, Christian/Gospel
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 10/05/2008
  • Skullcover
Liner Notes: It takes an artist of supreme confidence to record an entire album of cover versions. Maria Doyle Kennedy has courage in spades then judging by the 14 tracks on offer here. Piano and guitar are supplemented only by mellow spurts of cello and violin, which when applied to the cure’s “Lovesong” or Thin Lizzy’s “Still in love with you” are a revelation. So too is that trademark sultry sensual thrum of hers. Skullcover is a subtly seductive record. If the result of road weariness is a thing of beauty such as Skullcover, then maybe we should all hit the road. Maria Doyle Kennedy’s distinctive voice has evolved further into its own delicious space. This covers CD recorded in 2004 for a limited edition website release justly makes its debut on the back of her 2007 collection, Mütter. Swinging from a gorgeously creaky version of the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” to a truly apocalyptic take on “Red Sails in the Sunset” and a beautifully pastoral “Death of Queen Jane” (borrowed from the Bothy Band), Maria DK reinvents each and every song with an enviably jaded brio. MDK is one hell of a musical force to be reckoned with. Maria Doyle Kennedy's covers album is as eclectic as you might expect from an artist who constantly refuses to step into the middle of the road. Her trademark sleepy vocals wind themselves around a collection of songs, some well known some obscure. Her version of the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” turns a pop- stomper into a heartbreaking melody while the torchy qualities of Perry como,s “And I Love You so” are invested with some real class amid some beautifully baroque orchestration.It,s a good example of what the singer does best. She has the ability to own a song but that ownership is absolutely on her own terms. I was looking forward to having a listen to Maria,s interpretations of classic songs and I have not been disappointed. Maria has treated these great songs with huge respect,her sound is stripped bare of frills and is just pure interpretive singing.The song that really floats my boat on this recording is the Thin Lizzy track “Still in Love with you“. It is quite simply breathtaking. If there are two categories of artist in Ireland - a premier league and a conference division if you will - Maria Doyle Kennedy certainly belongs to the top tier of musicians in this country. Maria DK possesses the type of voice most female vocalists would die for ,as well as having the individualism and courage to push boundaries with her music.
  1. Lovesong
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star...
  3. And I Love You So
  4. Red Sails In the Sunset
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls
  6. Going Down
  7. Shipbuilding
  8. Sailin Around
  9. Death of Queen Jane
  10. Still In Love With You
  11. Could Not Love You More
  12. 12 Breakdown
  13. Sos
  14. West Virginia
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Cover
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Holiday, Vocal
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 12/01/2009
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Liner Notes:
  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...
La Sirena 1992-1996 Cover
  • La Sirena 1992-1996
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 05/23/2011
  • La Sirena 1992-1996
Liner Notes: Recorded between 1992 and 1996 these recordings are only seeing the light of day now. Produced by Kieran Kennedy.
  1. Helena
  2. Dream On
  3. Little Siren
  4. Lavinia
  5. Snow White
  6. Babes
  7. My Addiction
  8. Dont Give Up
  9. Family Tree
  10. Temptation
Am I Choosing Right Cover
  • Am I Choosing Right
  • Alternative, Folk
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 04/19/2012
  • Am I Choosing Right
  1. Am I Choosing Right
The Storms Are on the Ocean Cover
  • The Storms Are on the Ocean
  • Folk, Country
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 12/12/2012
  • The Storms Are on the Ocean
Liner Notes: I regard tradition as progressive, and a traditional song as a progressive force because it is concerned with the continuity of things. The past is a propulsion, a well of riches, and folk songs are the history of its common people, the expressions of their struggles, tribulations and superstitions, their guile, humour, love, lust, and violence. They’re not words set to pretty tunes. You are being told something about people. Things that are wicked, naughty, true, funny. About what human beings do to each other, and it never changes. Folk music is not an archive, if you see it as that, it becomes like a butterfly in a glass case. Folk music has to live and breathe. I’m not interested in heritage, this stuff is alive, we must claim it, use it. Folk music has no border checkpoints. In the end, it has – it can have – no country. Martin Carthy
  1. The Storms Are on the Ocean...
  2. Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow...
  3. To the Work
  4. The Mountaineers Courtship...
  5. Single Girl Married Girl
  6. O Molly Dear
  7. Sleep Baby Sleep
  8. Standing on the Promises
  9. The Wandering Boy
  10. Midnight on the Stormy Deep...
Yes We Will (feat. John Prine) Cover
  • Yes We Will (feat. John Prine)
  • Country, Alternative
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 05/27/2013
  • Yes We Will (feat. John Prine)
  1. Yes We Will (feat. John Prine)...
Hola Luna (feat. Paul Brady) Cover
  • Hola Luna (feat. Paul Brady)
  • Vocal, Alternative
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • 05/27/2013
  • Hola Luna (feat. Paul Brady)
  1. Hola Luna (feat. Paul Brady)...