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Marko Tudich / Heavy Sport

Marko Tudich / Heavy Sport

Marko Tudich is a guitarist, singer/songwriter who has an insane passion for music. Marko's music specializes in the genre of Rock and Hard Rock mediums. Marko is the co-founder of the Los Angeles based recording band, HEAVY SPORT, along with bassist Bruce Ruscitti. Marko has a catalog of 4 albums for purchase.

Marko Tudich - REHAB (1997)

HEAVY SPORT - Door To Oblivion (2006)

HEAVY SPORT II - Bill Carson's Grave (2008)

HEAVY SPORT - Looking For Heros (2010)

You can find Marko and HEAVY SPORT at


Marko Tudich on Facebook.com

Marko Tudich/Heavy Sport on Facebook.com

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Bill Carson's Grave Cover
  • Bill Carson's Grave
  • Rock
  • Heavy Sport
  • 03/09/2009
  • Bill Carson's Grave
Liner Notes: Visit Heavy Sport on; www.myspace.com/heavysport HEAVY SPORT IS: Marko Tudich-Electric & Acoustic Guitars,Lead vocals,and Bass on trks#6,9 Bruce Ruscitti-Bass, 2nd acoustic guitar on trk#5 & Back-up vocals Keith Starr-Drums Dustin Van Baalbergen-Bass on trk#2 and outro guitar #1 on trk#11 Special Guests on Lead Vox Gary Bidd - Kid Disco Edward Lee - GOD Save the KING Mike Swagger - ClusterFuck Recorded at The RedRoom Studio in North Hollywood Produced by Marko Tudich All Songs Copyright 2008 All songs Copyright/Property of Marko Tudic & Bruce Ruscitti for RockCinema Records 2008 You can also purchase Heavy Sport's debut album, "Door To Oblivion" and Marko Tudich's solo album, "Rehab". Stay tuned for HEAVY SPORT III!!!
  1. Trouble Over Timid Flowers...
  2. Kid Disco
  3. No.39
  4. Drowning
  5. Cuerpo De Cristo
  6. Sex In Beirut
  7. God Save the King
  8. Something's Askew
  9. Callahan's Last Stand
  10. Clusterfuck
  11. The Damage Is Done
Heavy Sport - Looking For Heros Cover
  • Heavy Sport - Looking For Heros
  • Rock, Heavy Metal
  • Tudich
  • 10/31/2010
  • Heavy Sport - Looking For Heros
Liner Notes: HEAVY SPORT – Looking For Heros / 2010 Marko Tudich – Lead / Backing Vox, Electric / Acoustic guitars, Bass (Trks #4,8,11) Bruce Ruscitti – Bass, Keyboards, Harmonica, Backing Vox Keith Starr – Drums Special Guests Scott Bonns – Lead vox on Erotic Savior Aron Elvez – Lead vox on One Bad Mutha Produced & Engineered by Marko Tudich Engineering Consultants – Dave Chamberlin (DBW Prod.) & Paul Tavenner (Big CityRecording Studios) Recorded at – The Old RedRoom Studio (N.Hollywood), Sinister Bunny Studio (Atwater Village), The Top Hat Studio (Valencia) All music & lyrics written by Tudich/Ruscitti Except for “We’re Through” written by David Wheeler/Tudich All songs are Copyright property of Tudich/Ruscitti – 2010 Visit HEAVY SPORT at… www.myspace.com/heavysport Marko Tudich on www.facebook.com and Marko Tudich/Heavy Sport on www.facebook.com iTunes RockCinema Records & Films - 2010
  1. Cemetery Stomp
  2. The Confrontation
  3. Space Cadet
  4. My Lover's Black Blindfold...
  5. Erotic Savior
  6. Silver Screen Ghost
  7. Our Sacrifice
  8. One Bad Mutha (TCB)
  9. The Devil's Anthem
  10. Black Cloud Blues
  11. We're Through