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Markus Rutz & the Musicians Consortium of Metropolitan Chicago

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It's Cooler by the Lake Cover
  • It's Cooler by the Lake
  • Jazz, Blues
  • Markus Rutz
  • 05/26/2012
  • It's Cooler by the Lake
Liner Notes: The music was recorded in March 2010, November 2010 and December 2011 in sessions arranged and conducted by Markus Rutz. The recordings feature his original compositions and arrangements. Markus performs trumpet in the muted and open horn performances along with other accomplished musicians in quartet and quintet ensembles.
  1. Figure 8
  2. The Sandbar, 12 Bar
  3. Tweedle Dee
  4. Uptown Pourdown
  5. The Neutral Ground
  6. Blues Bird Jay
  7. I'll Remember November
  8. Green Light Night