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Artist Profile

Matthew James Hardin

Matthew James Hardin

Thank you Laurie (my wife) for encouraging me and supporting me in my musical endeavors (and everything else)! Also, thank you Joel Timothy for taking the time to record and set up distribution of this album!

Matthew James Hardin - Acoustic Instrumental Guitar

This is an album that I released on my wedding anniversary.

Our Love Story (Song Descriptions)

1. You Across The Room - A song about when I first saw my wife. I immediately felt a connection with her and wanted to know her.

2. Young Romance - A song that portrays our romance from early on until much later. It starts off kind of slow and clumsy and progresses to a level of comfort as reflected in our relationship.

3. Spending All Our Time Together - The title says it all. I am reminded when we were just getting to know each other. We would think about each other all day - spending as much time together as possible. We left notes for each other whenever we could.

4. Your Whole Wheat Pancakes and Hazelnut Coffee - A song about the feeling of waking up to my wife’s pancakes and coffee. Also a symbol of my acceptance and fondness for the quirky things she does.

5. Third Floor Mattress – An upbeat song that symbolizes the silly and sometimes not so smart things we did together. This song is about our first move. We threw the mattress off of the third floor balcony rather than carry it down. It bent the metal wire mattress frame - what a funny and great memory.

6. Skinny Me, Missing You - Shortly after we first moved in together, I worked two jobs to make ends meet. We were on opposite work shifts and I hardly saw her. I lost 30 lbs without even trying.

7. Alice’s Cold – This song reminds me of when we adopted a kitten named Alice. She initially had a cold and runny nose- very sweet. It was this experience which gave me the realization that we would be good parents and partners in raising kids.

8. Wedding - This song reminds me of our wedding day and the long walks we went on while we planned our life together. It is a song that expresses both some of the ambivalence and peace that I felt in deciding to spend my life with her.

9. Spending All Our Time Together (Guitar Only) – Sometimes I like to play this song without the harmonica.

10. Wedding (Guitar Only) – Sometimes I like to play this song without beating on my guitar and without the accompanying harmonica.