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Matthew Jay

Matthew Jay

Uniquely talented British indie singer songwriter, 1978-2003, one of the music industry's best kept secrets. Signed to EMI Records in 1999 and released his critically acclaimed debut album 'DRAW' in 2001. Discover this man for yourself!

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Further Than Tomorrow Cover
  • Further Than Tomorrow
  • Rock, Pop
  • Matthew Jay
  • 07/07/2008
  • Further Than Tomorrow
Liner Notes: Q MAGAZINE August 08, gives Matthew Jay's album FURTHER THAN TOMORROW 4/5 STARS AND Q RECOMMENDS Matthew Jay (1978-2003) was signed to EMI Records in 1999 and gained critical acclaim with his debut Album Draw. In the tradition of his musical predecessors like the world reknowned Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake, the young singer-songwriter Matthew Jay created a uniquely infectious sound that blends witty, thought provoking lyrics with a backdrop of an interesting melody and harmonies. His timeless and classic tunes are a creative mix of acoustic pop with an indie, folk-rock edge, all tied together by his skilful vocals that lend depth and soul to his overall musical vibe. Anthony Barnes of The Q Daily, www.q4music.com, wrote '..... determined that his music should live on, Matthew’s family – themselves musicians – set about the task of completing his demos, in a similar manner to the way John Lennon’s recordings, Real Love and Free As A Bird, were enhanced by the rest of the Beatles for the Anthology project....the album, shows a seamless integration; it is impossible to tell the demos were written in isolation from the rest of the tracks. Matthew Jay's FURTHER THAN TOMORROW lyrics and press kit can be downloaded from his website www.matthewjay.com which also has information about his life and music. JAYS MUSIC LTD 7th July 2008
  1. There Were No Complications...
  2. I Wake When I Want To
  3. She Didn't Understand
  4. The Question
  5. Chaos
  6. My Erica
  7. Black Coffee
  8. Fervent Prayer
  9. If There's Malice
  10. Nothing Seems Good Enough
  11. Love Me
Matthew Jay '...too Soon' Cover
  • Matthew Jay '...too Soon'
  • Pop, Alternative
  • Matthew Jay
  • 08/02/2008
  • Matthew Jay '...too Soon'
Liner Notes: Matthew Jay ' ... too Soon' is a commemorative album which was originally released as a CD in July 2004 and was dedicated to the memory of British singer songwriter, Matthew Jay (1978-2003) '...too Soon' was taken from the line in one of Matthew Jay's songs on his debut album 'DRAW', which he wrote after the loss of his best friend, Shakel. The album is a collection of Matthew's early work and includes rarities, mixes and demos. His unique writing ability for lyric, melody and harmony shines through. Matthew Jay was signed to EMI Records and EMI Publishing in 1999, before he had ever sung his songs in public. He went on to record 'DRAW' which gained considerable critical acclaim and toured Europe, US, Canada and UK working with Star Sailor, Dido, Doves, Stereophonics, Tracy Chapman and Divine Comedy to name but a few. We have also released the material Matthew Jay was working on in 2003 - FURTHER THAN TOMORROW and this is also available on itunes and most well-known internet stores. Q has awarded this album 4/5 stars and Q RECOMMENDS! I hope you will enjoy the addition of '...too Soon' to your Matthew Jay collection. To read about Matthew's life and listen to his catalogue, go to http://www.matthewjay.com JAYS MUSIC LTD 02.08.08.
  1. Louie
  2. Sunday
  3. Heading Out
  4. Body and Eyes
  5. I Hope She's Alright
  6. Drawing Circles
  7. You're Not Here
  8. Aurea
  9. Roadside
  10. Please Don't Send Me Away (bent Remix)...
  11. Drawing Circles (Fug Remix)...
Our Time Cover
  • Our Time
  • Pop
  • Matthew Jay
  • 08/03/2008
  • Our Time
Liner Notes: 'Our Time' is an early Matthew Jay recording. The song was written when he was around 18 years and was one of Jay's favourites. 25th September 2008 marks the fifth anniversary of Matthew Jay's passing and makes this song all the more poignant when listening to the words of the song ....'this could be our time, we may never know, if this is our time, can we take it?' Matthew had the gift of writing lyrics with depth and realism which belied his youthfulness. 'Our Time' inspired his friends in the media business to make 'Our Time' the video, which will soon be available on itunes. Matthew Jay was signed to EMI Records in 1999 and released his debut album 'Draw' in 2001 to considerable critical acclaim. His bio can be read at http://www.matthewjay.com
  1. Our Time
Dear Jane Cover
  • Dear Jane
  • Singer/Songwriter, Alternative
  • Matthew Jay
  • 10/10/2011
  • Dear Jane
Liner Notes: 'Dear Jane' was written and recorded in 2003 by British Singer Songwriter Matthew Jay (1978-2003) and first released on 10th October 2011, the anniversary of his 33rd birthday. Matthew Jay was originally signed with EMI Records in 1999 and his publishers are still EMI Publishing. NME wrote about Matthew Jay '....there's a very natural, unassuming talent of great proportions here'. He is also fondly known as the 'thinking wo/man's songwriter' because of the depth he creates in his songs. No less so than in this latest release, 'Dear Jane' written for his friend Jane, which has spiritual insight. Jays Music www.matthewjay.com
  1. Dear Jane
Holy Details Cover
  • Holy Details
  • Singer/Songwriter, Pop
  • Matthew Jay
  • 10/10/2012
  • Holy Details
Liner Notes: Newly released and composed by British singer-songwriter, Matthew Jay circa 2002 when he was writing for his second album. Matthew Jay was signed to EMI Records and EMI Publishing in 1999. His family have released two further albums since his mysterious death in 2003 - '... Too Soon' and 'Further Than Tomorrow' plus the singles 'Our Time' and 'Dear Jane'. Jay's catalogue is available at iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/matthew-jay/id14796755 For information about this uniquely talented singer songwriter go to http://www.matthewjay.com
  1. Holy Details