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Mayhew Mastering

Mayhew Mastering

Kevin Mayhew Publishing was founded in 1976 with the express intention of serving the entire Christian community. The company made its name initially as a publisher of hymn books, though the catalogue quickly grew to embrace choral, organ and worship music. In time, a book department was established to provide liturgical resources, material for children’s ministry, theological and devotional books.

Greetings cards and educational material are now also produced, as well as furnishings for churches and robes for clergy and choir. The music catalogue embraces all major instruments, and the record label produces quality recordings of organ, choral and classical music, with many recordings made in our new state-of-the-art studio.

The company holds a unique position in that its products are owned and trusted in equal measure by members of all Christian denominations. Whilst we continue to strive and pray for unity within the Church, we believe that it is possible to serve the whole Church of God - indeed many of our products enjoy broad appeal across the many streams.

A publisher of vast quantities of useful music

The extensive Kevin Mayhew music catalogue caters for all standards, from the complete beginner through to the professional. For advanced players our growing range of Urtext editions is prepared by principal players of world-famous orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra and English Chamber Orchestra, by professors at the leading music conservatories, and by experienced music editors. A stable of talented house composers, including many current and former cathedral organists, music teachers, classical and jazz musicians, provides a feast of new music for many instruments.

Getting in touch

The company headquarters are situated in a picturesque Suffolk village, and from here the company’s products are prepared and shipped to churches and Christians all over the world, serving the whole Church.

Visitors are always assured of a warm welcome. Take your time in our comfortable showroom to browse the stocks of books and music, recordings and church furnishings. Call us with any queries, or to request any of our music or book catalogues, on 01449 737978 (email sales@kevinmayhewltd.com).

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Margaret Rizza - Her Music for Piano Cover
  • Margaret Rizza - Her Music for Piano
  • World, Christian/Gospel
  • Kevin Duncan/margaret Rizza
  • 01/23/2008
  • Margaret Rizza - Her Music for Piano
  1. Veni, Lumen Cordium
  2. Keep Watch With Me
  3. Prayer of St Teresa
  4. Calm Me, Lord
  5. O Lord, Listen to My Prayer...
  6. Lovely In Your Littleness
  7. Exaudi Nos, Domine
  8. Take My Hands, Lord
  9. May the Lord Bless You
  10. You Are the Centre
  11. Send Forth Your Spirit Lord...
  12. In the Lord Is My Joy
  13. Silent Surrendered
Keith Duke - Across the Water Cover
  • Keith Duke - Across the Water
  • World, Christian/Gospel
  • Keith Duke
  • 07/15/2008
  • Keith Duke - Across the Water
Liner Notes: Those familiar with Keith Duke's music will know that he is for ever reinventing and replenishing his musical world. His compositional style is familiar but always new and refreshed. In 'Across the water' you will recognise the authentic Celtic roots of his music, its deep spirituality and delving into new pools of inspiration. To the familiar folk instruments - the bodran, tin whistle, Celtic harp - Keith adds violin, flute, guitar for the western orchestral tradition, the more recent keyboard and harmonium and to top off this electric mixture the wondrous sound of Tibetan singing bowls. His music carries marvellous texts from the Bible and a small number of writers of the Celtic tradition, especially the words of David Adam who has been Keith's muse and inspiration for many years. Lucy Bunce is the accomplished singer on this recording and the texts are read by Sarah Mayhew. Kevin Duncan is the gifted producer and performer who has brought together the disparate strands of Keith Duke's musical world.
  1. Come, Creator Spirit
  2. The Traveller
  3. Invocation to the Creator
  4. Open My Eyes
  5. The Love of Christ
  6. Across the Water/ Dance St Quay...
  7. We Come
  8. De Profundis
  9. Celtic Prayer
  10. Christ In Quiet
  11. The Kingdom
  12. Seek and You Will Find
  13. Wisdom of the Ancients/air & Slip Jig...
  14. Sun of Our Night
  15. Tide Change
  16. Shalama
Kevin Duncan - Piano Hymns Cover
  • Kevin Duncan - Piano Hymns
  • Christian/Gospel, World
  • Various Artists
  • 11/11/2008
  • Kevin Duncan - Piano Hymns
Liner Notes: A fine collection of 16 well-known hymns beautifully played by Kevin Duncan. From solo piano arrangements of the much loved Morning has broken and When I survey the wondrous cross to the full orchestral accompaniments of Guide me, O thou great redeemer and The day thou gavest Lord is ended, this CD contains something for all who appreciate the beauty of traditional hymns. 1. Love divine, all loves excelling Music: William Penfro Rowlands 2. Abide with me Music: William Henry Monk 3. Guide me, O thou great redeemer Music: John Hughes 4. If on our hearts the light of Christ has shone Music: Jean Sibelius 5. Amazing grace Music: American Folk melody 6. Christ be with me Music: Johann Pachelbel 7. Morning has broken Music: Traditional Gaelic melody 8. I cannot tell Music: Traditional Irish melody 9. Inspired by love and anger Music: Traditional Irish melody 10. Lord of all hopefulness Music: Traditional Irish melody 11. Sing we of the blesséd mother Music: Cyril Vincent Taylor 12. Make me a channel of your peace Music: Sebastian Temple 13. The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended Music: Clement Cotterill Scolefield 14. The day of resurrection Music: Württemburg Gesangbuch 15. Praise, my soul, the King of heaven Music: John Goss 16. When I survey the wondrous cross Music: Somerset folk song collected by Cecil Sharp
  1. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling... <span class="various">by William Penfro Rowlands</span>
  2. Abide With Me <span class="various">by William Henry Monk</span>
  3. Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer... <span class="various">by John Hughes</span>
  4. If On Our Hearts the Light of Christ Has Shone... <span class="various">by Jean Sibelius</span>
  5. Amazing Grace <span class="various">by American Folk Melody</span>
  6. Christ Be With Me <span class="various">by Johann Pachelbel</span>
  7. Morning Has Broken <span class="various">by Traditional Gaelic Melody</span>
  8. I Cannot Tell <span class="various">by Traditional Irish Melody</span>
  9. Inspired By Love and Anger... <span class="various">by Traditional Irish Melody</span>
  10. Lord of All Hopefulness <span class="various">by Traditional Irish Melody</span>
  11. Sing We of the Blessed Mother... <span class="various">by Cyril Vincent Taylor</span>
  12. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace... <span class="various">by Sebastian Temple</span>
  13. The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended... <span class="various">by Cotterill Scolefield</span>
  14. The Day of Resurrection <span class="various">by Württemburg Gesangbuch</span>
  15. Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven... <span class="various">by John Goss</span>
  16. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross... <span class="various">by Somerset Folk Song Collected By Cecil Sharp</span>
Lucy Bunce & Steven Chikazaza - Acoustic Worship Cover
  • Lucy Bunce & Steven Chikazaza - Acoustic Worship
  • Christian/Gospel, World
  • Various Artists
  • 11/10/2008
  • Lucy Bunce & Steven Chikazaza - Acoustic Worship
Liner Notes: 16 well-known worship songs played on acoustic instruments with superb vocals by Lucy Bunce & Stephen Chikazaza. Stephen Chikazaza: Vocals Lucy Bunce: Vocals and piano Dominic Nunn: Backing vocals Cate Mellor: Backing vocals Paul Barker: Backing vocals Kevin Duncan: Piano, acoustic guitar and arrangements Rochelle King: Acoustic guitar Producer: Kevin Duncan 1. When the music fades Words and music: Matt Redman © Copyright 1997 Thankyou Music 2. I will offer up my life Words and music: Matt Redman © Copyright 1994 Thankyou Music 3. Above all Words and music: Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche © Copyright 1999 Lensongs Publishing/Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 4. Let everything that has breath Word and music: Matt Redman © Copyright 1997 Thankyou Music 5. The Lord’s my shepherd Words: Stuart Townend based on Psalm 23. Music: Stuart Townend © Copyright 1996 Thankyou Music 6. Jesus, I could sing Word and music: Matt Redman © Copyright 2004 Thankyou Music 7. Jesus, I’ve come to worship Words and music: Barry Hart © Copyright 2005 Kevin Mayhew Ltd 8. Your call Words and music: Darrell Evans © Copyright 1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 9. Be still, for the presence of the Lord Words and music: David J. Evans © Copyright 1986 Thankyou Music 10. This grace is mine Words and music: Geoff Bullock © Copyright 1994 World Music Inc./Maranatha! Music 11. Jesus, be the centre Words and music: Michael Frye © Copyright 1999 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire)/CopyCare 12. Shine, Jesus, shine Words and music: Graham Kendrick © Copyright 1987 Make Way Music 13. I come to you Words and music: Andrew Bromley © Copyright 1999 Sovereign Lifestyle Music 14. Only by grace Word and music: Gerrit Gustafson © Copyright 1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 15. You, O Lord, are a holy God Words and music: Paul Baloche, Rita Baloche & Malcolm Du Plessis © Copyright 1997 Maranatha Music/CopyCare/Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 16. In Christ alone Words: Stuart Townend. Music: Keith Getty © Copyright 2001 Thankyou Music Produced, engineered and mastered by Kevin Duncan at the Kevin Mayhew Sound Studio. Copyright subsists in all Kevin Mayhew Ltd recordings. Any unauthorised copying, re-recording or broadcasting in any manner whatsoever constitutes infringement of such copyright. P & © 2008 Kevin Mayhew Ltd. MCPS. www.kevinmayhew.com
  1. When the Music Fades <span class="various">by Matt Redman</span>
  2. I Will Offer Up My Life <span class="various">by Matt Redman</span>
  3. Above All <span class="various">by Lenny Leblanc & Paul Baloche</span>
  4. Let Everything that Has Breath... <span class="various">by Matt Redman</span>
  5. The Lord's My Shepherd <span class="various">by Stuart Townend Based On Psalm 23</span>
  6. Jesus, I Could Sing <span class="various">by Matt Redman</span>
  7. Jesus, I've Come to Worship... <span class="various">by Barry Hart</span>
  8. Your Call <span class="various">by Darrell Evans</span>
  9. Be Still for the Presence of the Lord... <span class="various">by David J. Evans</span>
  10. This Grace Is Mine <span class="various">by Geoff Bullock</span>
  11. Jesus, Be the Centre <span class="various">by Michael Frye</span>
  12. Shine, Jesus, Shine <span class="various">by Graham Kendrick</span>
  13. I Come to You <span class="various">by Andrew Bromley</span>
  14. Only By Grace <span class="various">by Gerrit Gustafson</span>
  15. You, O Lord <span class="various">by Paul Baloche, Rita Baloche & Malcolm Du Plessis</span>
  16. In Christ Alone <span class="various">by Keith Getty</span>
Margaret Rizza - Fountain of Life Cover
  • Margaret Rizza - Fountain of Life
  • Christian/Gospel, World
  • Margaret Rizza
  • 07/06/2007
  • Margaret Rizza - Fountain of Life
Liner Notes: Fountain of life is an introduction to prayer. The simple, beautiful chants prepare the busy mind to enter into the stillness and silence of prayer.
  1. Magnificat
  2. You Are the Centre
  3. Veni, Lumen Cordium
  4. Come to Me
  5. Send Forth Your Spirit
  6. Adoramus Te, Domine Deus
  7. Silent Surrendered
  8. Come, Lord
  9. Jesus, You Are the Way
  10. O Lord, My Heart Is Not Proud...
  11. Fountain of Life
  12. Kyrie, Eleison