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MC Eight 8 - Come upstairs album

MC Eight 8 - Come upstairs album

Another rich and very mature tracks with unique beats will caress your music loving ears. Come upstairs just reminds us of how important it is to be appreciated and loved after a hard day at work. Take my hand says the Gods reminds us to continue with our journey regardless. Life is a journey off course. Wives're mothers reminds everyone especially woman abusers, to respect and love women for they're mothers to our Beautiful sons & daughters.

So, Come upstairs album is one for everyone regardless of race, crede, belief, religion or whatever you may think I've left out.

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Come Upstairs Cover
  • Come Upstairs
  • World, Instrumental
  • MC Eight 8
  • 12/08/2011
  • Come Upstairs
Liner Notes: A big thank you to my wife Nthabiseng, my sister, Paulin Ndou, my daughter, Bertha Maphalala, My nephew/niece Melford and Lorraine Nyandoro. My best friends David Makoni & family and Marko Borchardt & family. Kudos to Joseph Onteretse Mkgadi, Duncan Mudau, John Mosibi, Daniel Tlou and their families, my Sentech counterparts as well as everyone else who supported me throughout the years. Like I promised on my first album, I could only get better and here is one album that serenade anyone right to the wildest of dreams. I also tried to make it exciting for the daring dancers with my unique beat. For those who can shake what their mama's gave them, make my day . Those whose mothers didn't give them anything, unfortunately, I won't be able to help you on that issue. Improvise! My heart felt love goes to my wonderful mother, Rosemary Sosina Maphalala who brought the best in me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be a better person. Bab' uJakalsi, ngiyabonga. Chris Oliviera, Thanx a million times, Dude.
  1. Fit In Like a Wonderful Dream...
  2. Wives're Mothers, Too!
  3. Come Upstairs
  4. Dais' Itamati, Wena S'khumba...
  5. Take My Hand Says the Gods...
  6. Gorgeous Eyes
  7. Come Upstairs_instrumental...
  8. Take Your Clothes of
  9. Untoward
  10. Tjo! Tjooo! MC Eight 8
  11. The Dj Is On Fire
  12. Gorgeous Eyes_instrumental...