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MC SAMPLER represents the Music Comedy Mayhem of Mock Rap; it's rap that's rated triple F: Phunny, Phunky, Phresh!

MC SAMPLER has been mocking rap since 1991 when he debuted his song "Can't Write This" mocking MC Hammer and his over the top sampling of "Super Freak". He also had a #1 hit in three radio markets with rap response song "Baby Got Jack".

MC SAMPLER is ready for a huge comeback. He is working on his ALL ORIGINAL MOCK RAP ALBUM: "Don't Worry, I'm Just Samplin'"

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I Have a Dreamsicle Cover
  • I Have a Dreamsicle
  • Comedy, Hip Hop/Rap
  • 04/30/2007
  • I Have a Dreamsicle
Liner Notes: MC SAMPLER'S THIS IS WHY I'M $HOT Dedicated to comedy in hip hop and mockery. MC Sampler's been mocking rap since '91 and havin' fun. Trying to make a statement at the same time create humor. Peace out! THIS IS WHY I'M SHOT BABY GOT JACK INTO LEWINSKY CAN'T WRITE THIS PAY OJ'S GONNA FRY IN DA PUB BLAME YOURSELF ZIP CODES MUSIC PATROL SAMPLE IT RIGHT
  1. This is Why I'm $hot (Mr. Clean Mix)...
  2. Baby Got Jack
  3. Into Lewinsky
  4. Can't Write This
  5. Pay
  6. Fight the Pizzas
  7. OJ's Going to Fry
  8. Zip Codes
  9. Blame Yourself
  10. In Da Pub
  11. This is Why I'm $hot (Durty Mix)...