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Michael Capitanelli

Michael Capitanelli

Michael Capitanelli, Producer,Arranger,Disc Jockey

Michael Cap Publishing

Arnold Jay Music Publishing

Yia Soo Music Publishing

The Caps


California DJ

Radicalove Cover
  • Radicalove
  • Soundtrack, Christian/Gospel
  • Radicalove
  • 12/07/2008
  • Radicalove
Liner Notes: This is the critically acclaimed soundtrack from the musical RadicaLove. It features the music and lyrics from songwriters: Arnold Capitanelli, Robert O'Connor, Michael Capitanelli and James Leupold. The music is "Energetic, Exciting, Uplifting and Transformational. The message in Arnold's Lyrics is nothing less than pure genius! The musical "RadicaLove" is a must see for everyone.
  1. Overture
  2. Radicalove
  3. Light In the Distance
  4. So You Say You Want To Be A Doctor...
  5. Doctor Sunshine
  6. Doctor Sunshine (reprise)
  7. Lift Up Your Hearts
  8. There's No Sex
  9. She Was A Saint
  10. She's Got Gas
  11. It's My Ego
  12. Is This Love For Real
  13. Honesty
  14. Safe Landing
  15. It Was Good
  16. Entr'acte
  17. God Danced
  18. Busy
  19. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet...
  20. Boring Boring
  21. Ragtime
  22. Belive In Love
  23. Say Yes To Your Life
  24. Radicalove (Reprise)
The Perfect Wedding Cover
  • The Perfect Wedding
  • Christian/Gospel, New Age
  • California DJ
  • 02/26/2009
  • The Perfect Wedding
Liner Notes: Michael Capitanelli One of America’s most respected Disc Jockeys, has put together this stunning & elegant compilation of some of the “Best Recorded and Best Sounding” ceremony music available. The Bridal Chorus: Played as the Bride walks to the alter. (Processional) The Wedding March: Played after the Bride and Groom are presented as Husband and Wife. (Recessional) Pre- Ceremony: Played as the guest are arriving and being seated Processional: Cannon in D or Trumpet Voluntary can be used in a few ways. Either song can be played when parents are seated or as the Bridesmaids and Flower Girls walk to the alter. Both songs can also be used as a processional for the Bride. The Bridal Chorus “Organ Version” is an organ only version. Some Brides prefer the traditional church sound, and others prefer a more “orchestral version” as played on track one. Ceremony and Candle Lighting: Many times during the ceremony, music is played in the background for a number of reasons. The Bride and Groom could be lighting ceremonial candles, giving flowers to the guests or parents, remembering a relative, releasing doves or butterflies ect.. This music can be played in the background to enhance this part of your ceremony. Recessional: I also included an organ only version of “The Wedding March” for the Brides that prefer the traditional church sound. If your looking for a “Grand Exit” then you might prefer the “orchestral version” on track two. The last song, Ave Maria can be played as the guest are leaving the ceremony area and heading off to the Reception! This version has vocals and can also be played at any other point in the ceremony.
  1. The Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride)...
  2. The Wedding March (Recessional)...
  3. Brandenburg Concerto #3
  4. La Rejouissance (From the Royal Fireworks)...
  5. Brandenburg Concerto #4
  6. Canon in D (Pachelbel)
  7. Trumpet Voluntary
  8. The Bridal Chorus (Organ Version)...
  9. Ave Maria (Violin Version)...
  10. Air on a G String
  11. Water Music-Air
  12. The Wedding March (Organ Versio...
  13. Ave Maria (Vocal Version)
  14. Here Comes the Bride (Long Version)...
More of the Best of Caps Cover
  • More of the Best of Caps
  • Christian/Gospel, Pop
  • The Caps
  • 03/13/2009
  • More of the Best of Caps
  1. Just Say Yes To Your Life
  2. Got To Be Free
  3. Welcome Home
  4. Lift Up Your Hearts
  5. The Little Boy Inside Me
  6. Mommy And Me
  7. A Banquet For The World
  8. The Dash Between The Years...
  9. Twilight Fantasy
  10. Safe Landing
  11. Light In The Distance
  12. Joy
  13. Peace And Love