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Artist Profile

Michael Connors

Michael Connors

Singer Songwriter, Michael Connors:

A true guitar maniac. Seasoned and weathered this guy perfected chops from all styles of music. Nashville compares him to Kid Rock, Shooter Jennings, Jamey Johnson. You can definately here the Zakk Wylde, Van Halen and Clapton dripping from the fretboard. All put in a blender to make a distinct tone. If James Hetfield and the mighty Metallica started playing country and blues it would not sound far from this. Michael is not a duplicator he's an originator! Rock live with Michael Connors visit www.michaelconnorsmusic.com

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Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Michael Connors United States Missouri Salem Salem High School Mar 24, 2012
Country 2 the Bone Cover
  • Country 2 the Bone
  • Country, Blues
  • Michael Connors
  • 01/20/2012
  • Country 2 the Bone
Liner Notes:
  1. Country 2 The Bone
  2. Turn Up Green
  3. That's A Day (I'll Pass On) F/ Vince Gill...