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Mick Potter

Mick Potter

Hi there... Im Mick

My album is a bit diverse. From rock to something resembling bent-up country to acoustic. I like alot of styles, so when it came to writing a few tracks, it just sort of blurted into a number of directions. My album ranges from a blend of Steve Morse and Steve Lukather to Larry Carlton/ Lee Ritenour through to ???

I hope it contributes to someones day, as a number of the tracks have been recorded at special times. Get Well Al was for a mate with Leukemia, who finally lost his battle. Drama School was about the mayhem on a Sunday morning getting my daughter to Drama School, after very late gigging. June was about the most wonderful and special person I befrended so long ago. She is just like a big sister and has been a great influence to my wife and kids, let alone me!

Whilst everything on my album is instrumental, it all goes somewhere, and hopefully is more than just a bunch of blur.

Please enjoy and I look forward to producing more!

See Ya

Mick Potter

PS. For any of you guitar pickers out there, I did not use any harmonisers on the album. All harmonies are played on. I used predominantly a Mesa Boogie and the distortions of the amp, strats with emg pickups (Fenders and a couple of custom made, thanks Russ), a custom shop Les Paul, A Tommy Emmanuel Maton acoustic, A Yamaha apx10n Nylon string electric, lexicon reverb & delays, and a heap of coffee. See ya!

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Strum - Guitar from the Deep South of Australia Cover
  • Strum - Guitar from the Deep South of Australia
  • Rock, Jazz
  • Mick Potter
  • 12/23/2009
  • Strum - Guitar from the Deep South of Australia
Liner Notes: I hope you enjoy this wide blend of guitar styles. No harmonisers were used (everything was played on live). Thanks to Bunsie and the kids, and the people who have influenced, encouraged and inspired me over the years. Major influences have included Steve Morse, Tommy Emmanuel, Ian Moss, Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton. Also thanks to all the people Ive worked with and for.
  1. Session Day
  2. You Bet
  3. The Sweet Breeze
  4. My Peaceful Place
  5. Yippitty Yippitty
  6. Drama School
  7. June
  8. Djangistic
  9. Bbq At Burnside
  10. Travels In Pelet
  11. Days of Sun
  12. Get Well Al
  13. Ain't No Shame