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This is not an off-the-shelf product for transformation and healing. Michael offers clients a customized, personalized approach to meet individuals’ unique wants and needs. A master in many crafts, Michael leverages a combination of interactive techniques in his sessions with mantra as the guiding principle and practice. Michael delivers whatever approach is right for each individual – to help them realize success as they define it.

Michael’s reputation is built on his talent for exploring difficult topics with warmth, compassion, radical honesty, quick-witted intelligence, and humor. Michael creates a safe space for people to share, explore and learn – and he is driven to create the fastest path to change for his clients while helping them conquer their inner worlds. Michael uses his vision to align people with mantras that will help them move passed their self-limiting behaviors.

Michael has served a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from executives to artists to young professionals to entrepreneurs to stay at home parents to doctors to teachers to spiritual seekers… from people who are desirous of more career success to those who want to experience outstanding relationships to those who want to become better mothers or fathers or partners to those who want to address past traumas and difficulties to those who want to access their powers of consciousness within themselves and stay spiritually connected to those who want to be confident in their sexuality to those who want to feel free and healed and healthy to those who simply…want it all. With the use of mantra, there are no limits.