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Molchenstein's Monster

Molchenstein's Monster

"Genre defying". "Unclassifyable". "Unpigeon-hole-able". "It's multi-genre madness I say!" That's what the throngs of fans have been saying about the debut album from Molchenstein's Monster since it hit the digital shelves in the summer of 2011. The truth is that Molchenstein's Monster just doesn't have the attention span long enough or deep enough to allow them to stick with any genre for too long of a time. So they play whatever comes to mind and

they do it very, very well. The lyrics are comical and most irreverent. The instrumentals are progressive and hallucination-producing. Attempts at comparing Molchenstein's Monster to others evil geniuses/lumbering horrors have resulted in mutterings of great names as diverse as Frank Zappa or Black Label Society to Pink Floyd or even (gulp) some Liquid Tension Experiment.

In the end, the infectious melodies and beats of this 13 song masterpiece will play in your brain for all eternity

and you'll have none other than Molchenstein's Monster to thank for it!

It's Alive!

Molchenstein's Monster Album Credits:

Bill Molch: Guitbox, Vox & Synths

M'dru Magrrop: Barbarian Skins & Bronze

Vilhelm von Shtupt: Major Bass and Vox

Jay Wiscarson: BFDrums on 'Abungus Amungus'

Board Engineerister: Bill Molch

Mixer: Bill Molch

Masterer: Distrophonix, LLC.

Recorded: Sonic Labs, SD, CA

Contact: vilhelm09@hotmail.com