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Mox Nox Homepage

Home page of a newly upcoming, home produced and distributed band named Mox Nox! Mox Nox is a Latin saying meaning "soon night" or "night is soon to come", and is used in many potries and stories of the time.

The band (artist) is composed of only one member at the moment, David Hendrix. All of the band's music is recorded, edited, produced, and distributed by David. David is a lead/rhythm guitarist, and so far in the teaser album entitled "Soon Night" is the only guitarist, or for that matter, the only one playing!

So far, the band has three recorded and live songs to choose from:

Seeping Through The Cracks (3:55)

Short Fuse (1:37)

Pain the Picture (3:10)

The first album, which may disappoint you, but, is only a demo album. This album will consist of those three songs. The album is live and ready for purchase.

Thanks everyone for your support and enthusiasm! Stay posted!

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