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Mr. Franklin

Mr. Franklin

The South has been the much-maligned bastard child of Hip Hop. Rarely given its credit due for its creativity let alone its lyricists, the South has managed to pave a way for such Hip Hop icons as Outkast, Goodie Mob, Three 6 Mafia, and Nappy Roots. In that same time, the Magnolia state, better known as Mississippi has carved niche for itself as the home of some of the culture's most groundbreaking MC's. Think David Banner, Big K.R.I.T, Tito Lopez to name a few. However, you cant name those artists without naming one of the pioneers of "SippHop" Mr. Franklin aka Kamikaze.

Mr. Franklin is formally one-half of the critically acclaimed group Crooked Lettaz with Banner. In 2000 they were signed to Penalty/Tommy Boy records and released a southern classic that many praise as one of the most slept-on albums in hip Hop history "Grey Skies". That album spawned regional hits "Firewater" featuring Noreaga and "Get Crunk" featuring Pimp C of UGK. Afterwards he garnered much success as a solo artist releasing 2 albums on his own OurGlass Entertainment. Those albums sold nearly 20,000 copies independently and led to extensive tours of both the Czech Republic and Ghana, West Africa. He won Mississippi's first "Patietly Waiting " Award for Ozone Magazine. He's also won 3 Southern Entertainment Music Awards and 4 Jackson Music awards.

"The "industry" has relegated music to listeners 12-25 in my opinion. What about hip Hop fans who yearn for more mature content?" He said. "I want to do music for those who LOVE the culture of Hip Hop. those who enjoy and appreciate lyricism and great live performances without the "swag".

Mr Franklin is slated to release three projects beginning fall 2013. The first out now. A mixtape comprised of his most dynamic features from 2012 entitled "The Re-Introduction of Mr. Franklin". The second will be an EP called "My Strange Addiction" and 3rd quarter of 2014, he will drop an album creatively coined "Tacos For Breakfast". Franklin adds that each of these projects will have special meanings and purposes in his musical mission.

"I realized that 3 years is virtually a lifetime in Hip hop. I knew that even though I have a loyal internaltional fan base that I would basically have to re-introduce myself as a new artist to gain new fans too," Franklin says. "My Strange Addiction speaks on what some would describe as my fanatic obsession with Hip Hop. Tacos For Breakfast descibes where I feel Listeners are these days. They are waking up wanting something different. I plan on giving them a viable alternative to what they are enundated with today."

Having already shared stages in 2012-13 with the likes of Big KRIT, Big Sant, Tito Lopez, Nappy Roots, and Yelawolf, Mr. Franklin is planning to tour extensively this year.