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Island Def Jam Official "Mr. Way-Better" Music Page

Island Def Jam Official "Mr. Way-Better" Music Page

Introducing Island DefJam and Tune Core's innovative musician and recording engineer; Steven "Mr. Way Better" Arthur.

Born in Fort Benning Georgia, here comes an Artist who grew up in metropolitan Detroit; following in the footsteps of his late uncle (member of D12 DeShaun Dupree Holton also known as "Proof") Mr. Way-Better is making room in Detroit's bundle of Hip Hop stars such as Eminem, Royce da 5'9 and Big Sean.

Introduced to the music industry at a young age, way-better already had an inside scoop of the big league. When the time came for him to step into the studio and show off his skills, it was only natural for Way-Better to excel. Working on the production side, mixing, recording and producing beats for local artists, way-better started to develop his own signature style, releasing multiple mix tapes showcasing his talent. Signed to Island DefJams distribution music group and Tune Core in 2010, way-better was now on his way. With a unique style and irresistible talent, way-better is giving musicians like Timberland & Kanye West a reason to make room at the table.

Jammed Packed with endless ingenuity and enthusiasm, this Producer is one to look out for and keep up with, letting the world know that there are artist with quality music out there waiting for a chance to be heard.

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LOCATIONS: Detroit MI-2007, Tampa FL-2008-2013, Kuwait -2010, Russia- Kyrgyzstan -2012, Germany- 2013

CURRENT PROJECT: "Its' Just Waay-Better" (2014)


Instagram|Twitter|FaceBook @MrWayBetter

FanMail: MrWayBetterFans@gmail.com

Booking: ContactMrWayBetter@gmail.com

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Mr.Way-Better Germany Keiserslaughtern Keiserslaughtern Aug 13, 2013
Life Is Vain Cover
  • Life Is Vain
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Soundtrack
  • Mr. Way-Better
  • 05/06/2014
  • Life Is Vain
  1. Life Is Vain
It's Just Waay-Better Cover
  • It's Just Waay-Better
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Pop
  • Mr. Way-Better
  • 08/14/2014
  • It's Just Waay-Better
  1. It's Just Waay-Better
  2. Wet Dream
  3. Lifestyle Great (feat. Mea)...
  4. No Sleep
  5. WorldWide (feat. Mae)
  6. Supabad
  7. Sex High
  8. Life Is Vain
  9. Meet & Greet
  10. Bad Habits
  11. Famous Style (feat. Sozeo)...
  12. Evil City
  13. Transformer
  14. One Nite
  15. Mrs. Way-Better
  16. Mentally Ill
  17. Latest & Greatest
  18. Reminiscing
No Sleep Cover
  • No Sleep
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Pop
  • Mr. Way-Better
  • 08/24/2014
  • No Sleep
  1. No Sleep