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Mul-Ty The Very Best In R&B

There's a few artists who truly deserve the title of superstars. Mul-ty is undoubtedly one of them. In a day when R&B songs have become watered-down with studio equipped voices about love,Mul-ty will wow the ladies (and gentlemen) in the 2000's with his smooth love songs of seduction. A talented songwriter and producer as well as an amazing singer, Mul-ty is one of those rare lyricist who can "tell it like it is". He follows in the tradition of the great soul singers of the past with a style that lends itself to the creation of timeless music. His voice induces euphoria and proves to the industry that his name is no misnomer. Born July 5, 1979, Mul-ty, singer/songwriter says his style is a direct result of small country town experiences with love with a big city vibe. "This is just something that naturally happened because that is what I was raised on, " he says. "That's what I came up hearing, the greats like Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Anita Baker." Mul-ty says he knew "from day one" that he wanted to sing for a living. "I was performing and singing in my first choir before my feet could reach the pedals, "he calls. "I've been singing in talent shows since I was a kid, so I knew that was what I was going to do." Like many R&B artist, Mul-ty started singing in church. "My father is a Pastor, and I started out playing and directing in the choir and singing in talent shows." But unlike many of his peers, Mul-ty earned additional strips by performing in night clubs in Atlanta, GA. "I learned a lot," he says, "because music comes in many faces and I like to be able to entertain people. Hailed as a classic by the R&B industry artist Mul-ty debut CD, Made 4 Love, featuring the lead single, Looking for Love" became an overnight hit. "Looking for Love" is perfect messaging for those who have just found their ideal intimate relationship. With its sensual lyrics, soulful sound, and soft melody, the new single is sure to become a staple in wedding song selections. He makes sure that we get a glimpse of life in Georgia by creating "Made 4 Love," a heartfelt bluesy ballad that adds texture to his freshman release. "That was a little bit of going back to the roots right there," he says proudly."That is a Vidalia, Georgia sound." This first CD set the stage for his new CD "Remember Me". Several of the single from the CD have already feautured on radio shows and charts throughout the southeast. This eagerly anticipated sophomore release is due in stores real soon!.