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 Violet is naked again....

Violet is naked again....

Susan Brigitte Miller Is NAV (Naked Acoustic Violet)

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Shades of Violet Cover
  • Shades of Violet
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Naked Violet
  • 05/23/2012
  • Shades of Violet
Liner Notes: The huge line at Radio City Music Hall was worthy of the New York Times front page, and there she was - a sweet smiling face beaming from the middle of the page, her first claim to fame at age 5. Too bad nobody got shots of her rolling around on the floor singing the Beatles, or leaping across living room furniture belting out West Side Story! Born in New York City, Susie came of age in South Florida, and crash landed in Texas after the breakup of her first band. A year spent on the Dallas coffee house circuit led the singer-songwriter to actualize a new musical universe and her vision of Naked Violet was born... Neither incarnation of the Texas band weathered the craziness of creativity nor life's winding roads. The Violet music remains, with Susie and her 12-string hitting the Albuquerque coffee house circuit as Naked Accoustic Violet ... who knows what events the Land of Enchantment and synchronicity will bring? Heartcore folk meets sexy metal-edged rockin' blues... YEAH! Enjoy!
  1. Naked Again
  2. Surrender
  3. Let Me Love You
  4. Awake
  5. Believer
  6. Ghost of a Memory
  7. Make Up Your Mind
  8. You Think You Know
  9. Dare I Say
  10. Nothing Else Matters
  11. Stay