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Primo JAB (O$O GRIZZ x godBLESSbeatz)

Primo JAB (O$O GRIZZ x godBLESSbeatz)

[Primo JAB = Glass Jar Amsterdam Boutique Sh!t]

The finest strand cultivated in the lab... A potent blend of ignorance and consciousness. "Primo" meaning "finest" and "JAB" is slang for a dealers merchandise or product. Raised in Oak Park, bordering Chicago's west side Austin neighborhood, Primo JAB's sound represents both street scholars and lik-hitters alike with a unique and effortless balance. The group consists of O$O aka BEAR on the mic and godBLESSbeatz on production, forming a sick rapper/producer combination reminiscent of Gangstarr and Mobb Deep. The chemistry is evident in their sound as they have made music among themselves, sharpening their blades since they were kids. They first exposed their music on a national level in 2012 with the release of their first single "JAB HUSKIE" off their critically acclaimed 1st album "JABology" (released via Island Def Jam Digital). They have since released 2 follow up projects: "JABology 2", and "JABnetics" (all 3 projects available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc).

The JAB movement continues to heat up with their new themed project, "Dear 85er... DIE". Undoubtedly their finest work, its poised as a wake up call for the hip hop community and a water boarding for anybody involved in the creation of audio garbage. Based on the concept that 85% of the population are dumb, deaf, and blind... its an album that reminds people of a rapper's minimum expected code of conduct when picking up the microphone in the first place. Their first single off the project, "gary coleman" feat rap terrorist Conway the Machine, is like a time machine back to the golden era. The beat will get you hype from the jump but the bars displayed by O$O and Conway are so rediculous.. just know itll be on repeat. Don't expect a typical "conscious" album with them preaching and whining.. just back-to-back bangers featuring intelligent hood poetry and witty wordplay over grimy, soul-chopped beats. The album features New York artists Conway, Courteous L, A.Flip, and Blacksmith along with 3mil and Megaton backing them up from Chicago. If you're looking for new questionable dance moves, singing, or fuck shit in general...you will be disappointed. They are one of the few artists in hip hop left that still makes music for respect. "We'll get our money one way or the other.. our only focus is making the illest music imaginable. If we can convert a sucka to "Planet Cool" in the process.. its a bonus". STAY TUNED.

Gary Coleman (feat. Conway) Cover
  • Gary Coleman (feat. Conway)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
  • Primo Jab
  • 02/19/2016
  • Gary Coleman (feat. Conway)
  1. Gary Coleman (feat. Conway)...
Dear 85er...Die Cover
  • Dear 85er...Die
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
  • Primo JAB
  • 06/03/2016
  • Dear 85er...Die
  1. Dear 85er...Die Intro
  2. Trabajar (feat. a.Flip)
  3. Donovan McJAB
  4. Gary Coleman (feat. Conway the Machine)...
  5. Water the Flowers (Interlude)...
  6. The Feast (feat. Courteous L)...
  7. Sucka Shit Pt. 1
  8. Kiddie Pool
  9. Intelligentz (feat. Coach J)...
  10. Spazzo (feat. Blacksmith)
  11. JailSmart (Interlude)
  12. Sucka Shit Pt. 2
  13. Jablife
  14. Oldman (feat. Megaton)
  15. There Will Be 85er Blood...(Interlude)...
  16. Kim Jab Un (feat. a.Flip)
  17. Jabtronix(Yo Momma Goin)