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Nick Walker the Weather Dude

Nick Walker the Weather Dude

Nick Walker is an on-camera meteorologist and host of "PM Edition," weekday evenings on The Weather Channel®. Known as the 'Weather Dude'® to thousands of school children, he is active in presenting educational weather programs throughout the United States. Nick also hosts the award-winning Weather Dude® Web Site for kids, parents, and teachers at www.wxdude.com. A singer and songwriter, Nick has recorded several albums of original music. Nick is a member of the American Meteorology Society and the National Weather Association and holds both organizations' television seals of approval. (Please note: The name "Weather Dude"® is registered by Nick Walker with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.)

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Sing Along With the Weather Dude Cover
  • Sing Along With the Weather Dude
  • Children's Music
  • Nick Walker
  • 01/16/2008
  • Sing Along With the Weather Dude
Liner Notes: "Sing Along with the Weather Dude" provides an entertaining way for elementary school-aged children to learn about weather. In musical styles ranging from light rock to ballads, singing weatherman Nick Walker guides children through cloud types, rain, snow, wind, air pressure, thunderstorms, the seasons, the water cycle and weather forecasting. To order CDs and the accompanying activity book, go to the "Weather Dude" web site at www.wxdude.com "Weather, music and joy rolled into one." Mark McEwen, CBS "The Early Show" "A must for teaching elementary weather units." Marsha Hallet, school principal "The tunes are so catchy...a most effective teaching tool containing a wealth of educational information." Chris Knutkowski, teacher
  1. Weather Dude
  2. What Makes Rain?
  3. Thunderstorms
  4. Cloud Cover
  5. Wonderland
  6. You're There In the Sky for Me...
  7. That's the Way Winds Blow
  8. Circle of Our Four Seasons...
  9. Tomorrow's Weather Here Today...
  10. A Tiny Drop of Water
Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared Cover
  • Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared
  • Children's Music, Pop
  • Nick Walker the Weather Dude
  • 06/20/2010
  • Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared
Liner Notes: Do you know someone who is afraid of thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes? Do you want to teach your children or students what to do in severe weather? Do you want to learn more about nature's most powerful storms? Or do you just want to rock out and sing along with the Weather Dude? Nick Walker, the “Weather Dude®”and on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel® has done it again with his new recording, “Don’t Get Scared, Just Get Prepared.” In popular musical styles ranging from be-bop to blues and salsa to surf (and with a generous dose of humor thrown in), Nick gives young people the information they need to feel safe in any kind of severe storm. "The more understanding you have," says Nick, "the more empowered you are when severe weather comes; so not only do you feel safer, you are safer."
  1. When Thunder Roars
  2. Be Ready
  3. Round and Round
  4. A Watch and a Warning
  5. Hurry It's a Hurricane
  6. Turn Around Don't Drown
  7. B-b-b-b Blizzard
  8. The Burning Sun
  9. In Your Kit
  10. Be Ready (Reprise)
  11. The Air We Breathe