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Palmer Music

Palmer Music

Music for a New World Age: Palmer's music is rich in melody, rhythm and inspirational sound. You can also get Palmer's music at:


Lifetimes the Millennium Suite Cover
  • Lifetimes the Millennium Suite
  • Instrumental, New Age
  • Palmer
  • 11/15/1999
  • Lifetimes the Millennium Suite
Liner Notes: Lifetimes The Millennium Suite (2001) Ventana de Vida (2008) This body of work is categorically New Age music, but the music is fresh and new, beautifully written and beautifully produced. According to one review, “The melodies and moods fairly glisten from beginning to end. Phrase by phrase, note be note, Lifetimes and Ventana De Vida is a spherical reflection illuminating conflict within the human psyche which struggles to find a state of peace. As a whole, these two albums are a poignant reminder each lifetime is a miracle and a diving journey.” In its entirety, Lifetimes is built around a central theme, Millennium Suite. The only interruption in the instrumental format is “Awakening”, a poem written by Janice Johnson-Palmer. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder, the music is clearly an interpretive vehicle picking up where words leave off. Palmer’s release of Ventana De Vida (Window of Life) is new age/world music that combines ambient sound and crosses over into World. Its instrumental, spatial sounds are grounded in beautiful melodies and world rhythms
  1. River Dreams (feat. Will Reedy)...
  2. Staying in the Fire
  3. Remembrances
  4. Before You Walk Away
  5. Millennium Suite - Awakening...
  6. Millennium Suite - Resurrection...
  7. Millennium Suite - Lifetimes...
  8. Millennium Suite - Translation (feat. William Reedy)...
  9. Meeting Tetra
  10. Closure
A New Light Cover
  • A New Light
  • World, Instrumental
  • Palmer
  • 03/17/2011
  • A New Light
Liner Notes: "A New Light" is dedicated to all the survivors and victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan 2011. May your prayers be answered and hope remain strong!
  1. A New Light
Heavens Vibe Cover
  • Heavens Vibe
  • Soundtrack, World
  • Palmer
  • 08/28/2011
  • Heavens Vibe
Liner Notes: This album is a collection of songs written and dedicated in regards to world events: and songs written for other genres such as videos, and TV and film.
  1. Wave of Time: Dedicated to All People Dispersed from Their Homeland...
  2. A New Light : Dedicated to the Survivors of the 2011 Earthquake in Japan...
  3. Juego De Agua
  4. Talk to Me
  5. Beyond Imagination from "Escape Into America"...
  6. Canyon Voices from "Excape Into America"...
  7. Urban Art from "Lovers Dance"...
  8. Autumn Nights
  9. Angst Blues from "Ce Soir"...
  10. Sililoquy for Paris from "Ce Soir"...
  11. Shibumi
  12. I Raise My Hands Up
  13. Noah
Big Sky Cover
  • Big Sky
  • World, Instrumental
  • Palmer
  • 04/19/2012
  • Big Sky
Liner Notes: Inspired by the landscape and beauty of Ireland!
  1. Big Sky
Come in out of the Rain Cover
  • Come in out of the Rain
  • Soundtrack, Instrumental
  • Palmer
  • 10/31/2015
  • Come in out of the Rain
  1. Come in out of the Rain