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Pete Gold's Comedy Songs

Pete Gold's Comedy Songs

Pete has been a part of the London comedy circuit with his stand-up comedy songs for more than 10 years. He has shared a stage with the likes of Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne, Jo Brand, Al Murray, Dara O’Brien, and Gina Yashere: including appearances at The 100 Club; The Comedy Café; The Royal Court; and The Pleasance Theatre.

For 7 years, Pete was part of sketch group Fit To Burst, who were finalists in the BBC New Comedy Awards, headlined at the Chichester Comedy Festival and sold out at the Edinburgh Festival three years in a row.

Pete has featured in programmes for Radio 4, BBC7, Channel 4, ITV2, GLR & LBC. He is on Mitch Benn's iPod.

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Hobbledehoy Cover
  • Hobbledehoy
  • Comedy, Singer/Songwriter
  • Pete Gold
  • 11/10/2010
  • Hobbledehoy
Liner Notes:
  1. Text Song
  2. Sudoku
  3. Why Do People Think I'm Gay?...
  4. Middle Of The Night Song
  5. Corporal Mum
  6. Middle Aged Punchbag
  7. Lincoln
  8. Never Gonna Win The World Cup...
  9. Divorce Song
  10. Hoodies
  11. Tears Of A Lady
  12. Build Me A Flat
  13. One Minute Filth Song
  14. New Song
  15. Sorry Song