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Peter Thyssen, Last Songs

Peter Thyssen, Last Songs

This is an album of Peter's unfinished recordings.

Huge thanks is due to Pete's friend Jeffery McDaniel who mined Peter's files for all of the tracks and mixed and edited them. There is an extra version of Cry Havok! that Peter mixed in 2011. The last song on the album, Palm to Palm, was composed by his sister in law, Elyse Trusell. Elyse wrote and sang the lyrics.

All funds received by Peter's family from the sale of this album will be donated to Catholic Relief Service efforts in the Middle East.

Rest in Peace, Pete.

Last Songs Cover
  • Last Songs
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Peter Thyssen
  • 03/09/2015
  • Last Songs
  1. Cry Havok! (Pete's Mix)
  2. Cry Havok
  3. Sarah Says
  4. Death of Me
  5. Palm to Palm