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Powerworld Music

Powerworld Music

Powerworld Music was established in 2012 by Tony Power. Powerworld is divided up into three sections of music, Dance and Easy listening including instrumentals and we are specialists in Eurovision music.All tracks are available to download on most downloads such as ITunes Amazon.

The label boasts some great names from the past and current artists such as:

The Three Degrees - who are the longest formed female group in music history.Also on the label are artists such as Pop icon,Sonia - the PWL/SAW and Eurovision star. Pop Icon Tina Charles - Eurovision Song Contest winning artists. Anne Marie David, Niamh Kavanagh,Linda Martin along with many more great artists from a variety of genres of music.The label also has connections with and has worked with some of the best producers in the business. Look out for other great tracks over the coming months from the label in 2016 including, Powerworld's Eurovision entry 2016,which we can't say much about at this time as the song has been submitted to the BBC and we have to abide by the ESC rules and not play you the song until the selection process has been completed.But it could well be our first single of 2016,so watch this space cause you are in for a treat.Expect to be surprised and entertained in 2016 with new surprise material.We are always looking out for new talented vocalists.We are looking more to be working with new up and coming artists and this will be reflected in our very first release of 2016.We visit venues looking out for new talent,and have been invited by Pride In London to take part in the judging of their annual talent contest,Pride's Got Talent,and its a great honour for us to do so.They choose artists to perform at the various venues such as on the main stage in Trafalgar Square in front of hundreds and thousands of people at their festivals and events around London and the UK.The event which showcases such amazing new talent.Powerworld has recently updated its new website back in the summer so please keep tuned for regular updates. And if you have any comments and would like any information about events or releases,please inbox powerworldmusic.com

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Holding Back. the 2013 Remixes. Cover
  • Holding Back. the 2013 Remixes.
  • Dance, Pop
  • The Three Degrees
  • 02/14/2013
  • Holding Back. the 2013 Remixes.
Liner Notes: Holding Back was written and composed by London songwriter Tony Power for the longest formed female group in the world The Three Degrees.See Powerworld Music website for full details powerworld-music.com
  1. Holding Back.Groovesisters Club Remix...
  2. Holding Back.Groovesisters Radio Remix...
  3. Holding Back.Quartzlock Radio Remix...
  4. Holding Back.Quartzlock Remix...
  5. Holding Back.John Springate Ballad Mix...
That's What Love Is Cover
  • That's What Love Is
  • Pop
  • John Springate
  • 05/18/2013
  • That's What Love Is
  1. That's What Love Is
Romance Around the World Cover
  • Romance Around the World
  • Instrumental
  • Tony Power
  • 06/14/2013
  • Romance Around the World
  1. So Vividly
  2. My Sombrero
  3. What's in My World
  4. Meet Me in Shanghai
  5. Love's Gone Away
  6. A Fool for You
  7. Romance in London Town
  8. I'm Missing You
  9. This Is Love
  10. That Night in Venice
  11. Love Come Back My Way
  12. With Love from Napoli
  13. You Came to Me
  14. I Lost You in New York
I'm Not Listening Anymore Cover
  • I'm Not Listening Anymore
  • Dance
  • Angie Brown
  • 10/02/2013
  • I'm Not Listening Anymore
  1. I'm Not Listening Anymore
You Came to Me Cover
  • You Came to Me
  • Pop
  • Anne Marie David
  • 02/14/2014
  • You Came to Me
  1. You Came to Me