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As you’ve been falling in love, loving or looking for love, in February 2008, the love for music gave birth to Pur:Pur.

Pur:Pur is a Ukrainian band from Kharkiv, active since February 2008. That was when Nata Smirina and Eugene Zhebko uploaded their first one-frame video clip to YouTube.

The band’s achievements did not go unnoticed by the press. “Pur:Pur” were featured in the Rolling Stone (RU), Esquire (RU), Fuzz (RU), Afisha (RU, UA), Elle (UA), Cosmopolitan (UA), Marie Claire (UA), Rovesnik (RU) editions. They even appeared on the cover of Tangente, a Mexican magazine.

Nata Smirina explains the band’s name this way: “‘Pur’ stands for ‘pure’. ‘Pur’ twice means that we aren’t just saying something, but are going to stand for it. We mean what we say.”

Pur:Pur’s music is like a breath of fresh air you need so much in the endless rush of the city. It makes loving as easy as breathing, and lets you appreciate the stunning beauty of simple things. Pur:Pur is the sound of a happy kitty purring, it is the sound of love.

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