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The Escape

The Escape

Feeling reborn with a new found sense of purpose and passion for life, The Escape emerged from the ashes of its former self in the spring of 2010. Formerly known as Reality Stricken, having played with everyone from Blindside to Vanilla Ice, the band brings a mature take on the sounds of their influences, from Jimmy Eat World to Bayside. They never struggled to write hooks and melodies that get the listener out of their seats and onto the dance floor; they struggled with their name. “We’re a pop rock band” they mused “You should see our spikey death metal logo from years past. We wanted to have a name that fit our music. We chose The Escape because we aspire to bring a message of life and hope; so that our music can be the "the escape" you need.”

You can pick up a copy of The Escape's debut EP "Signal Fire" which was produced and recorded by Chris Badami (Starting Line, Ace Enders), available worldwide on Itunes.

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Signal Fire Cover
  • Signal Fire
  • Rock, Pop
  • The Escape
  • 03/29/2010
  • Signal Fire
Liner Notes:
  1. The Evidence
  2. Living Like Scripts
  3. Signal Fire
  4. What You Wanted
  5. Stitches