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Modern & Ancient Jewish Music

Modern & Ancient Jewish Music

These are albums of joyous Jewish music based on traditional prayers and Psalms.

All of the songs express gratitude and love to the Creator for creating the wonders of the universe and for bringing peace and love to the world.

"Ashrey and More" has all original melodies composed, arranged, produced and performed by Reb Dovidle (David A. Davies,) with lyrics from Psalms of King David and daily prayers.

"Shabbat Shalom" has tracks that utilize traditional lyrics and melodies Reb Dovidle sung as a child, and are still sung, at the Sabbath table of Reb Dovidle's father, Moshe Asher Anshel and other melodies from Leonard Goldberg sung around the world on the Sabbath and Jewish Festivals. These tracks were produced and arranged by Reb Dovidle (David A. Davies.) The album was produced by Leonard Goldberg.

All tracks were recorded from 2004 to 2008 in Houston, Texas, USA.

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Koach! Ashrey& More, Shabbat Shalom Cover
  • Koach! Ashrey& More, Shabbat Shalom
  • World, Christian/Gospel
  • Reb Dovidle
  • 07/01/2008
  • Koach! Ashrey& More, Shabbat Shalom
Liner Notes: Remastered and includes two albums and one single! 1. KOACH! - "STRENGTH" - The Lord shares his strength with us and empowers us with whatever we need to accomplish our tasks during our lives on this earth. of the Hebrew text is extrapolated from traditional Prayers. 2. ASHREY, “PRAISEWORTHY” – We bless G-d from now and forever, Halleluyah! Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Psalm 145 of King David. 3. BARCHY NAFSHY, “MY SOUL BLESSES…THE LORD” - I will sing to G-d as long as I am alive. Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Psalm 104 of King David and Prayer when Donning the Tallis. 4. HAMALACH, “THE ANGEL” – May the Angel who redeemed Jacob bless all of his descendents. Hebrew lyrics Genesis 48:16 and Bedtime Prayer. 5. BARUCH SHEAMAR, “BLESS HE WHO SPOKE…AND THE WORLD CAME INTO BEING” Bless He who has mercy on the earth and on his creatures. – Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Shacharis Morning Prayer composed about 2,400 years ago by the Men of the Great Assembly from a script that fell from Heaven. 6. MESHEBERACH, “PRAYER FOR HEALING” – May He send her speedily a complete recovery from the Heavens. Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Prayer for a Sick Person. 7.ATTAH HOO, “YOU ARE THE ONE” – You were here before the world was created and You’ll be here in the world to come. - Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Shacharis Morning Prayer. 8. BARUCH KAYL ELYON (BLESS THE LORD MOST HIGH) - He gave us the Sabbath as a relief for our souls. – Combination of two traditional Melodies. Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Sabbath Song written by R’Baruch ben Shmuel of Mainz, Germany in the 1200’s. 9. MENUCHA V’SIMCHAH (REST AND JOY) - Melody traditional. The Sabbath is a day of delights. - Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Sabbath Song written by unknown author named Moshe around 1545. 10. SHALOM ALEYCHEM (WELCOME SABBATH ANGELS) Angels accompany us home on Friday night. - Combination of two traditional Melodies. Hebrew lyrics written by Kabbalists in the 17th century based upon a Talmud Shabbos 119b. 11. AYSHES CHAYIL (A VALOROUS WOMAN) Far beyond pearls is her value. Let her be praised. - Combination of two traditional Melodies. Hebrew lyrics Proverbs 31:10-31. 12. YEDID NEFESH (LOVE OF MY SOUL) Your friendship is sweeter than dripping honey. Melody traditional. Hebrew lyrics written by R’Eliezer Azikri a great Kabbalist of the 16th century.
  1. Koach! (Strength!)
  2. Ashrey (Praiseworthy)
  3. Barchy Nafshy (My Soul Blesses the Lord)...
  4. Hamalach (The Angel)
  5. Baruch Sheamar (Bless He Who Spoke and the World Came Into Being)...
  6. Mesheberach (Prayer for Healing)...
  7. Attah Hoo (You Are The One)...
  8. Baruch Kayl Elyon (Bless the Lord Most High)...
  9. Menuchah V'simchah (Rest and Joy)...
  10. Shalom Aleychem (Welcome Sabbath Angels)...
  11. Ayshes Chayil (A Woman of Valor)...
  12. Yedid Nefesh (Love of My Soul)...
Shema Kolaynu (Hear Our Voices) Cover
  • Shema Kolaynu (Hear Our Voices)
  • World, Singer/Songwriter
  • 08/19/2012
  • Shema Kolaynu (Hear Our Voices)
Liner Notes: “Shema Kolaynu Hashem Elokaynu.” Hear our voices, Hashem our G-d. Have mercy on us. Accept our prayers freely and willingly. Reb Dovidle weaves ancient Hebrew prayers and traditional Jewish musical modes into modern western folk/rock styles blended with family and regional influences.
  1. Shema Kolaynu Prologue
  2. Modeh Ahnee
  3. Ashray
  4. L'shanah Habah
  5. Beraysheet
  6. Barchy Nafshy
  7. Shema Yisroel V'ahavta
  8. Koach!
  9. Baruch SheAmar
  10. Attah Hoo
  11. Shema Kolaynu Reprise