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Reinventing Energy And Love

Reinventing Energy And Love

Reinventing Energy And Love


Reinventing Energy And Love is an apt description for what you get from this multi-talented, RnB/Soul, quadruple threat as a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. Everything he’s gone through, from living on the streets in New York City, to raising his beloved autistic son can be heard in R.E.A.L’s emotional, expressive vocals. “I’m a deeply spiritual man,” he says of his struggles. “Everybody has their own journey, their own winding, undulating road to a terminal goal, an end game”, explains the Memphis-born, Toledo-raised performer about the experiences that have brought him thus far. “Everybody’s time is their time. If I had done this when I was younger, people would not have believed me that I was telling them the truth in my vocals. You need to have a little experience to sing songs like this.” The desire to connect with his audience is apparent when R.E.A.L’s performs live with his band Prophetic Soul, demonstrating his stunning multi-octave vocal range, which is capable of plummeting to the depths of Barry White or soaring to the heights of Michael Jackson, sometimes in the same song.

R.E.A.L began performing his own songs to his own tracks at open mic nights at clubs like the Soul Café in NYC. “One thing I always knew I could do was write lyrics and songs. Songs like Same Thing Different Day, Woman, and Affection from his forthcoming CD “Reinventing Energy And Love”. People have always responded to my stories,” evinced by the rave reviews of his recent standing-room-only show at The Bitter End in NYC. On stage, in addition to his own distinct vocal stylization, he channels some of his favorite RnB performers like Marvin Gaye, alternative artists such as Rod Stewart, country icons like Patsy Cline, and even the heavy metal rockers Kiss. “I was one of the only black kids on my block who could appreciate them” laughs R.E.A.L. The confluence of these radically different vocalists makes for his compelling signature sound.

The “Reinventing Energy And Love” CD combines R.E.A.L’s passion for classic Soul and RnB with an up-to-date modern production edge. “I wanted to go for something that was more organic,” he says of the production. “It’s all about helping men and women reconnect with one another. I just want to help them team up to be allies in life and love. That’s what I want to convey in my music.” R.E.A.L is a man perfect for today’s progressively melting pot world, who is open and wide-ranging in his musical tastes as he is an admirer of the classics. “I’m really hungry to get out there and perform for people,” he enthuses. “I want to give the public something they haven’t had before, the Reinventing Energy And Love Experience. People are looking to get more than their money’s worth now. When I get out there I’ve got a lot of surprises up my sleeve. This is just the beginning.” With plans for not just a career, but an “empire of love,” that includes charitable foundations and potentially world-changing initiatives, Reinventing Energy And Love is just what he says he is… nothing more nor less than the R.E.A.L Thing.

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